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Videos Empower Sales Reps with Comprehensive Knowledge – How?

Sales is the strong pillar of any organization as it directly correlates to the revenue of your company. Your products or services are only as good as the people selling them are. If your quality products aren’t sold effectively, it doesn’t reach the desired target audience, which in turn greatly reduces your profitability.  A good salesperson should have in-depth product knowledge, market insights, and a high level of salesmanship. So how to achieve this level of competency in your sales team?

Training your workforce can become the foundation of healthy sales. But the sales job profile throws up a different set of challenges for this training. Sales personnel are always on the run. They are chasing clients and targets or, even being chased by needy customers. Either ways, their job is a high-pressured one, leaving them with very little time and energy to undertake a classroom training course.

That’s why many organizations opt for a digital learning program that gives your sales reps the much-needed learning flexibility. Even then, employees still need to allocate considerable time for a long e-learning program. Including videos in your e-learning course will bring down the duration of the course, along with many other learning benefits. Micro-videos allow you to cover just one learning point at a time, allowing you to maximize impact. Let’s look at some good learning points videos add to an e-learning course:

Engage Sales Employees

Getting the undivided attention of your time-parched, target-driven sales employees can prove to be a difficult task. Using videos can bridge this gap. Videos inherently are an attractive multimedia that appeal to learners on many different levels. Everyone likes watching videos, as they don’t require learners to take too much stress. This learning medium has the unique traits of entertaining people while educating them. Like for e.g., a video about assembling a complex piece of equipment with an attractive and fun animation will keep learners engaged. Adding such a medium to your digital sales training can make even the most evasive employees willing students. 

Offer Flawless Product Knowledge

When sales employees venture out in the market, product knowledge is usually their first piece of information they convey. Without knowing your product in and out, they simply won’t be able to answer all the queries of the customer and make a sale. Using videos, you can convey the entire functionality of your product very quickly. You can use animation techniques to effectively convey the internal working, product cycles, and many other nitty-gritties of the product. Videos also ensure that your product knowledge stays with your employees for a longer period of time. 

Help Envision Scenarios Better

Having an appropriate amount of people-skill is very important for a successful sales job. That is why digital learning courses include scenario-based learning to give your employees a peek into real life situations. Using videos can add a new level of realism to your scenarios. With interactive videos, you can create strategic points in your videos that require your employees’ input to proceed. Based on their responses, different clips of the video can be played. This way, each learner can follow his/her own unique path in a virtual emulation.

Doesn’t Leave Anything to Imagination

When sales employees are offered product knowledge, chances are that many things are not made clear through training. Using live videos can eliminate this as such videos show the state of things as they are. Be it the manufacturing process, directions of use, or senior reps dealing with difficult customers, videos will leave nothing to the imagination of your employee. For e.g., if you need to explain the manufacturing process of your product, you can directly show the real footage of your unit. You can also add a voiceover to such videos to give learners an unparalleled insight into how to make an efficient sale of the product in front of them. 

Can Provide Last Minute Updates

Owing to their short duration, videos are ideally suited to give last minute revisions to your learners. A series of short videos can form a highly effective microlearning program. Sales reps can conveniently access such modules right before going to a client meeting or meeting the customer. The video-medium makes this more impactful since reading something at a high-pressured moment doesn’t stick to memory.

Embrace this highly effective mode of knowledge transfer to boost the impact of your digital learning program. Connect with a leading e-learning development vendor to create highly polished videos.

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