Why Outsource Your E-learning Translations – 5 Undeniable Reasons

Selecting the Ideal eLearning Translation Vendor [Infographic]

Owing to the truly global nature of the Internet, combined with the rapid development of technology, organizations have gained the freedom to work or conduct business in any part of the world. This has opened many lucrative opportunities in the form of business outsourcing and foreign market exploration. But along with this, it also throws in some challenges.

One major challenge global organizations face is overcoming language barriers. English is truly a global language and most places on Earth speak enough of it to conduct offshore business. But, when it comes to training local employees, that might not be the case. People might be okay speaking English for business sake, but when it comes to learning, they are only comfortable with their native languages. That’s why learning managers of global companies rely on translating e-learning courses to various languages.

However, just like developing an e-learning course, translating into different languages is a complicated process. Not only do you require language expertise, but also subject matter knowledge and technical know-how about authoring tools. Plus, translating your entire digital program is a long and tedious process, increasing the chances of mistakes. That’s why instead of attempting to run this show by yourself, it is best advised that you hire an experienced translation vendor. Let’s see some major advantages outsourcing your translation process can bring to the table:

1. Better Communication

When you translate your e-learning course through a translation agency, you know for certain that the instructional materials will make sense, not just grammatically but also linguistically, retaining the subject matter meaning. Translation agencies have the appropriate domain and linguistic knowledge to convert industry specific jargon and other complicated terms, which otherwise would have been totally indecipherable to the foreign learner. This way, your employees won’t struggle to learn, retain, and apply new skills or knowledge, and will receive the exact message your company wants to send out.

2. Technical Expertise

When you translate your e-learning to a different language, the course size can significantly increase or decrease, depending on the language. This means even after changing the language of your subject matter, the task is only half done. You need to do a lot of visual fixes to your course before it is published. When you hire an e-learning agency, they will also take care of all translation and localization issues and do a thorough job. This ensures that they easily and effectively fix whatever ramifications the changed language has caused.

3. Systematic Work Processes

When you bring a professional e-learning translation vendor on board, you can be assured that your course will be translated within the given deadline. A translation vendor has set processes for everything. They know the exact time for translating each learning module, which helps them plan better. This not only helps them stay on track, but also deliver a better quality course, as there is a review process after each stage. The chances of your translation project getting stuck at any point are also negligible, since vendors have a vast experience allowing them to detect any problems at an early stage.

4. Financial Efficiency

E-learning translation is a process that requires the involvement of many qualified experts. Hiring and managing such a team of diverse talent can burn a hole in your pocket. In addition, there would be downtime when you are through with translating one batch of courses and awaiting the next. At such points, your resource-heavy team will be sitting idle. When you decide to outsource your translation requirements, you let go of the responsibility of managing a dedicated team. With a vendor, you only pay for the actual translation work and nothing else.

5. Better Focus on Your Actual Business

Hiring a translation vendor helps you restore focus to your core business in two ways. Firstly, by taking away the task of translating your e-courses, it frees up your resources to do things related to your business. You don’t have to face the difficulty of finding resources who have the subject matter knowledge and language proficiency. You also don’t have to spend cumbersome time hiring and managing the necessary subject matter experts. Secondly, when you outsource, the quality of the outcome is much greater than what you will achieve in-house. This means your offshore employees are better trained to do their jobs, resulting in higher productivity and revenue.

Translating e-learning courses reinforces your stance as a global organization. So it should only be natural that you do it the right way, by hiring an experienced e-learning vendor.

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