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Why is Whatfix the Top Choice of Organizations for Digital Adoption?

Rapid growth and advancements in technology, digital transformation, and the fierce competition to find and hire top individuals – all of these make it difficult for organizations to sustain their presence in an increasingly competitive landscape. Effective employee training has become critical for businesses to stay competitive, retain top employees, increase profits, and keep their workforce up to date on the latest industry trends.

Explore how virtual training is becoming the new norm of employee training.

Businesses invest in new technology and software to streamline operations and save time and money. But it doesn’t help your ROI if your employees spend too much time learning to use the new technologies. Another factor to consider is employee resistance to new technologies in the absence of a culture of constant learning and innovation.

What is Whatfix?

Whatfix is a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) that supports digital adoption by individuals and organizations by improving digital capabilities. It offers role-based learning experiences, designed to increase competence and efficiency across all applications for everyone and every team.

It works with your new software to demonstrate to your employees how to get the most out of them and improve business results. It helps overcome their resistance by providing interactive walkthroughs, enhancing access to knowledge through self-help, and guiding them through processes when they need help.

What is a Digital Adoption Platform?

A Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is a software that is installed as an overlay on top of another piece of software or website. It includes in-app instructions on how to use the app/website – offering learners opportunities to practice using the app during training.

This speeds up learning how to use an application and helps returning users learn new capabilities. This is especially useful in onboarding users on to your enterprise software applications, getting them up to speed easily and quickly on the tasks and processes, based on their roles.

It also encourages the use of features that could otherwise be overlooked. Because there is hardly any time between training and using the new technology, the time to adoption is also very short.

The Key Features of Whatfix

  •  In-app content creation
  • Personalized learning paths for different user types or job roles
  • Tools for on-the-job training
  • Knowledge hubs
  • In-app content that is simple to build (guided walkthroughs, tutorials, tooltips, help desks, and so on)
  • Analytics to monitor and report metrics on training progress

How can Organizations Benefit from Whatfix?

Whatfix is a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) that disrupts the way application support and learning content are consumed. And how does it do that? By offering role-based walkthroughs, at the precise time a job is performed. Walkthroughs are also contextual, which means they appear based on your location (where you are in the application) and your role (who you are).

Discover a success story of role-based software training with eLearning.

Whatfix helps companies to:

  • Simplify the onboarding process
  • Reduce training time, resources, and costs
  • Reduce support efforts and costs
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Accelerate product adoption

You can improve the capabilities of everyone in your organization by providing interactive training and developing best practices across multiple applications through Whatfix. Here’s a glimpse:

Flows: Tailor learning experiences to individual user roles, which can be enhanced as you learn more about their requirements.

Self-Help: Integrate knowledge bases directly into the in-app experience, putting each user in control of their own progress.

Pop-ups: In a few simple steps, you can conduct interactive surveys, send polite reminders, or even make organization-wide announcements.

Beacons: Easily communicate feature updates and process changes to all users, increasing productivity across all apps.

Now that we’ve looked at how Whatfix helps businesses, let’s have a look at how it works.

Recognize Behavior

Draw insights about users from their daily interactions with the applications your organization uses, such as where they are succeeding and where their lives could be made easier.

Optimize Your Content

Use the intuitive tools on the Whatfix platform to develop, deploy, and improve application training without putting internal IT and support teams under strain. 

Offer Guidance

Offer contextual cues, making it easy for learners to use and navigate through the software.

How can Learning and Development Professionals Leverage Whatfix?

Whatfix enables L&D professionals to deliver scalable, personalized, on-demand training to engage employees in contextual self-learning. Using Whatfix helps to: 

Engage employees with experiential learning 

Deliver new types of learning in appealing formats including video, slideshows, and PDFs – all while enabling users to gain competency rapidly. 

Reduce support tickets with contextual help

Encourage self-sufficiency in employees by making it easy for them to seek contextual help within the app itself. 

Increase product adoption

Monitor employee progress by providing an adoption roadmap and increase training efficacy through personalized in-app checklists. Unlock maximum ROI from your corporate applications without increasing training and support costs.

Wrapping Up!

Whatfix is fast becoming the most trusted digital adoption platform in the world, assisting Fortune 500 companies to drive software adoption and achieve positive ROI through improved training. A leading US firm saved $950,000 by utilizing Whatfix to provide customized end-user training, 40% faster! Whatfix is efficient and adaptable, catering to a wide range of training needs, with a choice of solutions for you to select from, based on your learning objectives.

In today’s business environment, every company has three main objectives: sell more, improve operational efficiencies, and maintain compliance. With employees located all over the world, eLearning has emerged as the most effective training medium for overcoming the limitations of traditional classroom training. Download our free eBook
“eLearning to Achieve Business Goals” to unleash the potential of eLearning.


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