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Use Scenarios for Compliance Training Through Articulate Storyline

Compliance training can be tough, as every employee knows what is right and what is wrong at the core. In order to comply with the regulatory bodies, it is mandatory to train all employees on do’s and don’ts. The best way to train is through scenarios. They will clear ambiguity among the understanding of the law.

While giving feedback for their choices we need to explain why their choice is not the most appropriate one and why you need to rethink. The best way to give feedback is through showing different emotional states, based on the options learners choose.

Here are 4 interesting templates from Articulate Storyline.

Two People Scenario:

Where a coach asks questions and learner has options. On selecting the options, you are given feedback and more information.

Screenshot Showing Two People Scenario Developed in Articulate Storyline


They are a nice way to clarify the most important and frequently asked questions by employees as far as compliing with law is concerned.

Screenshot Showing the FAQs Developed in Articulate Storyline

Traditional Scenarios:

Here we can give a typical real life scenario with 4 options and user can select any one of the options.

Screenshow Showing the Tradional Scenarios Developed in Articulate Storyline

Object States:

Another good way to give feedback in such cases, is using real pictures and with expressions. This will immediately reinforce learning. Use Object States Templates to give feedback.

Screenshot Showing the Feedback with Real Pictures

Now it is very easy to develop compliance courses that are very interactive and engage the learners.

What additional features of articulate story line did you find interesting? Kindly share!

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