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An Expert’s View on Lectora Inspire 16

Do you wish to convert your classroom training materials inundated with text to engaging e-learning courses? Do you need to develop online courses to train your global workforce?Do you want your technology-enabled learning materials to be accessible on all devices?

Well, the rapid authoring tool Lectora Inspire will address your needs.

There are many authoring tools in the market. So why choose Lectora Inspire?

Conversion oftext-heavy content into engaging e-learning courses is simple

You can convert text-heavy content such as compliance training materials and product manuals into engaging e-learning courses using Lectora Inspire. This is because you can fit as much as content as you want on the screen. And unlike other e-learning development tools, Lectora enables you to customize the interface the way you want. Even the heaviest of content can be fit easily on the screen with no vertical scroll.

Development of multi-lingual online courses is hassle-free 

E-learning translations are made simple with Lectora Inspire. You can export the content of courses developed using this rapid authoring tool as a rich text file (RTF), which can be sent to a translator for rendering the content in the desired language. And once the file has been translated, all you need to do is import it into the tool and publish it to create the translated course.

With Lectora’s Translation Tool option, you can create a multi-lingual GUI for your e-learning course which enables the learner to switch between languages at any point while accessing the course, without having to restart the course.Consider the following scenario.

A learner has completed an e-learning course in English up to the 2nd chapter, but wants to access the remainder of the course in Japanese. He selects Japanese from the list of languages and automatically switches over to the Japanese version of the course.

Creation of responsive e-learning courses is possible 

A study conducted by Google revealed 98% of Internet users switch between devices with varying screen sizes in a single day.You need to create e-learning courses which can be accessed on all digital platforms to meet the needs of your “multi-device” learners.

You can meet this requirement using the latest version of Lectora Inspire, Lectora Inspire 16. The tool comes with powerful responsive e-learning development capabilities which allow you to create courses that can be rendered effectively on screens of all sizes. 

Content can be published to the HTML5 format that can be modified to create mobile apps

Mobile learning (m-learning) apps are the hottest trend in the corporate training world. A survey by Towards Maturity revealed 41% of top learning organizations use m-learning apps to train their staff, and this number is only likely to grow.

You can use Lectora Inspire to develop good m-learning apps. The rapid authoring tool can be used to produce HTML5 output that can be tweaked using third-party applications such as PhoneGap to create m-learning apps. To know more, check out the informative post Developing Mobile Learning Apps with Lectora and PhoneGap.

On the flip side, this rapid authoring tool has a few limitations. 

Limitations of Lectora Inspire

Expensive compared to similar authoring tools

The full version of this software costs $2500, and it’s a lot when you compare it to Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate, which are priced at $1398 and $1100 respectively.

High learning curve 

It takes some time for you to master Lectora Inspire. So, you need to think to think twice when you need to develop courses quickly and are using the rapid authoring tool for the first time.

Poor support to simulation-based learning

If you need to develop a simulation-based e-learning course, it’s better you refrain from using Lectora Inspire. Although the rapid authoring tool comes with Camtasia, a powerful screen-capturing tool, it trails behind Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate in terms of providing support to simulation-based online training.

 Lectora Inspire 16 is one of the most widely-used rapid e-learning development tools. The ability to convert text-heavy content to interactive e-learning courses is arguably its biggest strength. The tool enables you to translate your online course easily and create a multi-lingual GUI, which enables the learner to switch between languages, at any point while accessing the course. You can create responsive e-learning courses that can be accessed seamlessly on any device. Lectora Inspire produces HTML5 output that can be used to create mobile learning applications. On the flip side, the rapid authoring tool is more expensive compared to similar software and has a high learning curve. The tool provides poor support to simulation-based learning. Hope you liked this post. Do share your views.

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