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Top 4 Benefits of Mobile Learning for Your Organization

The phenomenal increase in the use of mobile devices is changing the ways we do things in our lives – from the way we communicate to the way we learn. In fact, smart devices have revolutionized the way organizations deliver their training programs to their employees. Be it a performance support tool or collaborative learning environment, mobile learning can be used in many situations. But, why is mobile learning so popular?Let us see the top benefits mobile learning offers an organization:

1. Helps Fight the Forgetting Curve

Learners tend to forget 70 % of what they learn, within 24 hours. With mobile learning, you can deliver short nuggets of learning modules such as videos, quizzes, and case studies to employees on a regular basis. As these mobile learning courses are of short duration, information retention becomes easy for learners. Also, when you deliver them in a spaced interval, information is reinforced repeatedly, eliminating the fear of forgetting.

2. Ensures Flexibility for Learners

Mobile learning modules are portable. Unlike e-learning, where you have to dedicate yourself to a desktop, mobile learning can be accessed anywhere, anytime. It is so flexible that you do not need to allocate a specific time to complete the course, eliminating the need for learning to happen at a scheduled time and place. They also provide a great collaborative experience with social media learning.

3. Improves Completion Rate

I must say that the short duration and portable nature of mobile learning modules gives it many advantages. As they can be completed quickly, anytime, and anywhere, employees do not feel overwhelmed to complete these modules. Also, when training modules are in their pockets, they can complete them whenever they find a couple of minutes, improving the overall completion rate of organizational training programs.

4. Acts as Performance Support

Employees prefer learning approaches that don’t interrupt their daily routines.Information must be made available to them while they are at work. Mobile learning does exactly that. As mobile devices are an intrinsic part of the learners’ workflow, learning on mobiles will act as performance support,while at work. For example, you can have a short mobile learning module on donning and doffing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for shop floor employees, which they can access just before entering a hazardous area.

These are just a few of the many benefits of mobile learning for corporate training. These benefits of mobile learning are revolutionizing the way training is delivered to the employees. With the rapid increase in the use of mobile devices, more and more organizations will realize the benefits this technological advancement for providing better learning experiences to employees.

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