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How to Add Watermark to your E-Learning Courses in Articulate Storyline

Adding a watermark to an eLearning course is the most common type of requirement, clients usually ask for. In Articulate Storyline, it is very easy for eLearning developers to add such watermarks to online courses.

Here, I would like to share how to add watermarks to your eLearning courses in Articulate Storyline.

Step 1 :

Go to the Master Slide.

Master Layout

Step 2 :

Create a new layer on the Master Layout and add the Watermark as you prefer. Here, I used ‘CommLab India’.

Content of watermark layer

Step 3 :

Now, go to the base layer of the Master Layout and add a trigger to show Watermark layer, when the timeline starts for the Master Layout.

Trigger to show watermark

There is another method for adding watermarks, directly in the master layout, which works perfectly. But, the main reason behind putting that in a layer is that it will be visible only in the preview or after publishing.

Else, the developer’s view on the slide may not be clear due to the watermark appearing on the slide while developing the eLearning course. Hence, a developer can use this method to have a clear view while developing the eLearning course.

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