5 Tips to Engage Participants in Virtual Instructor-led Training [Infographic]

It’s a challenge to capture learners’ interest and sustain engagement levels in any training format, more so with virtual instructor-led training (VILT). Here’s an infographic with 5 tips to engage participants in a VILT session.

Published on Updated on November 06 2020

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Virtual Instructor-led Training: Tips to Boost Learner Engagement

Shifting to virtual instructor-led training (VILT) is a big step for organizations that have been relying solely on traditional classroom training programs. Many of them have been forced to do that almost overnight because of the pandemic. That said, how easy (or difficult) is it to host VILT programs?

As with any other training, learner engagement is a challenge in VILT as well. In fact, in a virtual classroom it is even more difficult for the instructor to keep track of the participants’ interest levels. They also have to compete against other distractions that learners face – messages and emails that keep popping up on their phones, the urge to surf the net, etc.

But one of the biggest advantages of VILT is that it allows interactive discussions and activities, similar to a classroom. Check out this infographic for 5 tips to retain participants’ interest in a virtual classroom.

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Virtual Instructor-led Training: Tips to Boost Learner Engagement

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Follow these 5 tips to overcome VILT’s greatest challenge – learner engagement – and see your training results soar!

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Generating Motivation and Excitement in the Virtual Classroom
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