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Microlearning for Sales Training: 4 Teachable Moments

A ‘teachable moment’ is a brief period, when your learners are most receptive to learning. For example, when someone reads about a fatal car accident, he becomes receptive to learning how a seat belt can save his life.

In a training program, you come across such moments occasionally. Making the best use of them is one strategy. Creating those teachable moments to make your training memorable is yet another. Who wouldn’t love to impart learning and make a lasting impression on learners’ minds? Can teachable moments be used to train your busy, mobile sales teams with short attention spans?

Yes! Of course. Through microlearning, you can create ‘teachable moments’ in your sales training. Here are four ways to create them.

1. Scenario-based Sales Simulations

Incorporating scenarios of on-the-job situations in your microlearning modules can trigger teachable moments for sales representatives. Sales teams always have this in mind, “What’s in store to improve my selling?” If your training can solve their field challenges, you can gain their trust. That will make your training program a huge success. To achieve this, successful senior representatives and sales training managers can come together to formulate scenarios.

They can be real life situations sales personnel are likely face when conversing with potential clients. In those teachable moments, the sales force becomes enthusiastic about learning relevant knowledge and skills, since that can be applied in their real life sales pitches. Sales trainers can include product knowledge or selling skills, related to the situation, in the microlearning module.

Example Scenario: Let’s consider Bob, a junior salesperson who couldn’t close a sale. His sales pitch of explaining the features and benefits of a product didn’t convince the prospect. Bob was terribly disappointed and couldn’t spot where he went wrong.

Scenario-based sales simulations

Now, this is the right time/teachable moment to impart learning. Let’s bring David, a senior sales representative into the scenario. Through him, you can explain where Bob went wrong and how he can make a sale.

In this way, scenario-based sales simulations in microlearning modules can activate teachable moments for your sales teams.

2. FAQs

Framing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) posed by customers/prospects and giving precise answers to them in microlearning modules can create teachable moments. Designing the module in a question and answer format will improve the objection handling skills of sales teams. Obviously, sales representatives are eager to answer the questions posed by customers on the field, so FAQs facilitate a teachable environment.

3. Animated Sales Videos

Animated videos play a key role in engaging sales teams in micro sales training programs. A good script, clear narration, background sound effects, and illustrative animations – all make up a good sales training video. These videos can provide immersive learning experiences for mobile sales teams. They can be used for complex product demonstrations. Bite-sized animated sales videos equip sales force on key product features and benefits, in an effective manner. An orthotic and prosthetic equipment manufacturer, Bremer Brace of Florida, Inc. uses videos to train its sales teams, customers, and other stakeholders on its products.

4. Game-based Assessments

Including game-based assessments in microlearning modules can challenge sales reps to learn. They motivate sales representatives by giving rewards, and showing the top competitors through leaderboards. This will prompt teachable moments and augment learning. When you give assessments in the form of games, sales reps won’t feel they are being assessed and sales training managers can assess their learning.

You need to create teachable moments in training to impart learning. This is becoming especially important due to the shrinking attention spans of learners. Microlearning is the best option to facilitate training in short time spans. This will also reduce cognitive load on busy, mobile sales reps. The four foolproof ways discussed in this post can definitely make your sales training effective and facilitate teachable moments. Why don’t you them give a try?

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