Moodle: What Makes it The Most Popular LMS?

Moodle: What Makes it The Most Popular LMS?

Moodle- an incredible Learning Management System (LMS) that helps you manage your training programs in a highly efficient manner. According to a report released by Capterra, this wonderful open-source software is the world’s most popular LMS. Why is Moodle the choice of the corporate world? What makes it the ideal LMS? To find out, let us now see what this amazing tool can do for you.

Manage courses in more than 200 languages seamlessly

Moodle is the perfect solution to manage the training programs for your global, multilingual workforce.
This LMS provides excellent support to more than 200 languages, helping you impart knowledge and skills in the languages of your people. This is arguably the most important feature that makes it the preferred LMS.

Provide first-rate support to mLearning

This is another very useful feature of Moodle. It is one of the few open-source LMSs that provide excellent support to mLearning. As companies increasingly deliver their digital courses on smartphones and tablets, effective management of mobile eLearning courses is vital to ensure maximum ROI on training expenditure.

Enable high-quality collaborative learning

The use of Blogs, Discussion Forums, Podcast, Social Media, Offline Messaging, Email Communications, and so on for effective transfer of information is the order of the day. Moodle allows learners collaborate efficiently, thereby helping them perform better.

Cater to the needs of users through a very large user-community

Moodle has a very large and supportive user-community. The Moodle community plays a key role in the constant and rapid development of the LMS. It helps the software remain up-to-date, catering to the ever-changing learning management needs.

Help track training programs very effectively

Moodle helps you track the progress of your learners in a very efficient manner. It is very flexible in terms of its grading capabilities. You can set conditions in learning activities that restrict the entry of learners. You can also set standards of completion for these activities. The tracking powers of Moodle are truly incredible.

Generate the reports of our choice

It is common knowledge that reporting capabilities are the core of an LMS. Moodle can be used to generate a wide variety of reports. These are very helpful in analyzing the effectiveness of the training courses.

Assess your learners the way you want

Effective assessments enhance the efficacy of an online course. Moodle can be utilized to assess the learners effectively, using various question types. It helps you evaluate the learning of your people quite comprehensively. This LMS allows randomization of questions that enhances the credibility of assessments.

Thus, moodle can be used to manage your online training courses in a very efficient manner. Indeed, it is the best LMS in the world. What do you think?

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