What Type of Learning Challenges Can Be Met by M-learning?

M-learning gives good learning solutions, when used appropriately. Let us see what type of learning challenges can be met by mLearning.

Published on Updated on January 27 2020

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What Type of Learning Challenges Can Be Met by M-learning?

Mobile learning (M-learning) is the use of mobile devices such as iPads and Smart phones to learn. Training and development teams in organizations are moving towards M-learning, which is a more convenient form of E-learning that facilitates learner mobility.

M-learning gives good learning solutions, when used appropriately. In this blog, I will discuss the type of learning solutions that can be provided through M-learning.

Refresher Training

Some organizations need their employees to take refresher training on a few core topics. These refresher trainings are mandatory for the employees and need to be taken periodically. Such trainings can be given through M-learning, wherein the training covers all the key points of the topic and then has a quick assessment. Through M-learning, you can save the employees’ time and make them comply with the organization’s training requirement.

Quick Learning Bites

M-learning is the best way to give performance support in the form of quick learning bites to the employees. Performance support can be provided in the form of job-aids on their mobile devices. These job-aids are usually in the form of check-lists, best practices, safety guidelines, or tips to complete their task. For example: Product sales staff can be provided with a list of key product features, which they can refer, before making a sales call or before giving a sales presentation to the client. Such performance support gives quick access to information and increases the confidence of employees to achieve better results.


After the employees complete their training through E-learning or in a class-room, they can be assessed through M-learning. This gives them more time to recall what they have learned and helps to reinforce the training content.

Survey on E-learning / Classroom Training

M-learning can be used for surveys on E-learning courses or class-room training sessions, conducted by the organization. This is a good way to get to collect feedback from the employees. They can be analyzed to improve the training and development efforts of the organization.

These are a few ideas to make effective use of M-leaning. Hope you find this blog informative.

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