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10 Best Microlearning Platforms for Corporate Training in 2024

In today's fast-paced business environment, where employee attention spans are shorter than ever, traditional lengthy training programs can struggle to engage and retain information. Microlearning, however, provides a solution by delivering bite-sized, focused learning modules that are easily digestible, time-efficient, accessible, and engaging. Selecting the right platform is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of your microlearning initiatives. In this blog, we'll outline 10 popular platforms to dazzle your corporate training initiatives in 2024.

10 Popular Microlearning Platforms in 2024

1. EdApp

  • Description: A mobile-first platform with an intuitive authoring tool, allowing anyone to create engaging microlearning courses without coding knowledge. Features include gamification elements, micro-videos, quizzes, and spaced repetition for improved knowledge retention.
  • Target Audience: Ideal for companies of all sizes, especially those with a remote or mobile workforce. EdApp caters well to training on specific skills and procedures.
  • USP: Free plan with basic features, user-friendly authoring tool, extensive library of pre-built content templates, and strong mobile learning focus.

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2. Axonify

  • Description: Focuses on science-backed microlearning techniques like spaced repetition and adaptive learning to ensure knowledge retention. Offers gamification elements, social learning features, and personalized learning paths.
  • Target Audience: Best suited for large enterprises and organizations with complex training needs, particularly in compliance, safety, and customer service areas.
  • USP: Advanced learning science principles applied to microlearning design, robust analytics and reporting features, and a strong track record in improving employee performance. Check out this short video to understand how microlearning can boost employee engagement and performance.

3. Code of Talent

  • Description: Specializes in microlearning for soft skills development, offering video-based courses on topics like communication, leadership, and teamwork. Includes interactive elements like branching scenarios and role-playing exercises. Here are a few crucial skills needed to stand your ground in this current industry.
    5 In-Demand Industry 5.0 Skills
  • Target Audience: Geared towards companies looking to develop and improve their employees' soft skills across departments.
  • USP: High-quality video content on soft skills development, focus on real-world applications through interactive exercises, and a curated library of courses created by industry experts.

4. Qstream

  • Description: Emphasizes micro-interactions and simulations to create engaging and practical learning experiences. Offers branching scenarios, real-time feedback, and in-depth analytics to track progress and identify areas for improvement.
  • Target Audience: Companies seeking to train employees on complex procedures, decision-making skills, and problem-solving abilities.
  • USP: Unique focus on micro-interactions and simulations, high level of learner engagement, and detailed analytics to measure the impact of training.

5. Thinkific

  • Description: A user-friendly platform for creating and selling online courses, including microlearning modules. Offers features like quizzes, assignments, and drip content delivery.
  • Target Audience: Entrepreneurs, trainers, and companies looking to create and sell their own microlearning content.
  • USP: Easy-to-use interface, affordable pricing, and robust content creation tools.

6. 7taps Microlearning

  • Description: Known for its rapid eLearning course creation tools and pre-built content libraries. Offers branching scenarios, gamification elements, and analytics to track learner progress.
  • Target Audience: A good option for companies looking for a quick and easy way to develop and deploy microlearning content, especially for compliance training or product knowledge updates.
  • USP: Speedy course creation tools, extensive library of pre-built content, and affordable pricing plans.

7. MobieTrain

  • Description: Focuses on delivering mobile-first microlearning experiences through bite-sized lessons, quizzes, and assessments. Offers offline access for learners and integrates with existing LMS platforms.
  • Target Audience: Ideal for organizations with a mobile workforce or those looking to provide short, accessible learning modules on the go.
  • USP: Strong mobile learning focus, offline access to courses, and easy integration with existing learning systems.

8. Master-O

  • Description: Focuses on microlearning for sales enablement and customer onboarding. Offers tools for creating interactive product demos, simulations, and role-playing exercises.
  • Target Audience: Ideal for sales teams, customer service departments, and organizations that need to train employees on product knowledge and customer interaction skills.
  • USP: Specialized features for sales enablement and customer onboarding, interactive product demos, gamified learning experiences, and data-driven insights on learner performance.

9. Learn Amp

  • Description: Offers a collaborative learning experience with features like social learning, peer feedback, and leaderboards. Includes gamification elements and micro-challenges to boost engagement.
  • Target Audience: Companies seeking to foster a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing among employees. Here are a few advantages of continuous learning.
    Advantages of Continuous Learning
  • USP: Collaborative learning features, social interaction, and gamification elements to increase learner engagement and knowledge retention.

10. Kahoot!

  • Description: Gamified learning platform known for its interactive quizzes and polls. Offers features like question branching, collaboration tools and user-created challenges. While not strictly a microlearning platform, Kahoot! is a valuable tool for creating engaging microlearning experiences like quick knowledge checks, practice quizzes, and gamified learning activities.
  • Target Audience: It can effectively cater to all sorts of age groups because of the versatility it offers with its training sessions aimed at various types of audiences, or situations where informal knowledge assessments and gamified learning are desired.
  • USP: Highly engaging, gamified learning experience, promotes learner participation and collaboration, and offers a free basic plan for individual use.

Wrapping Up!

Microlearning offers a powerful and versatile approach to enhance corporate training. By leveraging its unique benefits and choosing the right platform, you can empower your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in today's dynamic workplace. Ready to take the plunge into microlearning? Here’s an upcoming webinar you shouldn’t miss out on! Sign up now and save your seat.

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