Microlearning Videos: A Boon to the Shorter Learning Format

Microlearning Videos: A Boon to the Shorter Learning Format

As it often happens, the gap between an e-learning training program and the actual realization of the task for which employees are trained is significant. This reduces the knowledge recollection capacity of employees and dilutes the impact of your e-learning program. Hence, some reinforcement is required to fill the gaps left by your e-learning program.

Microlearning is a short, focused learning module that is designed to meet a specific learning outcome. A micro course can usually be easily accessed at the moment of need, quickly completed, and applied practically by learners. It is a learner-centric approach that provides just-in-time training on multiple devices, when employees need it the most. The short nature of micro courses make them a great method to reinforce knowledge imparted by a larger e-learning course.

Videos fit perfectly into a microlearning module as they achieve the dual task of engaging the learners and imparting useful skill or knowledge in a short time duration. The combination of videos and microlearning modules can really bring a bout of freshness to your digital learning strategy.

Text-heavy micro-modules might be too mundane to capture the attention of a millennial workforce that is always on the run. If a micro-module fails to engage learners for its very short duration, then the entire purpose of using such a learning method is defeated. Videos can help you avoid such situations by breaking the shackles of boredom and reigniting user interest in your subject matter. Below are some of the reasons videos are truly a boon to microlearning:

Makes Learning Interesting

Watching videos is fun and highly engrossing, which makes retention very high. This is one of the primary reasons videos work so well for learning. Unlike reading plain text, or even viewing images, nobody is ever bored of watching a video. By using captivating voiceovers and attractive animations, videos keep your learners thoroughly invested in the subject matter right till the end.

Even complicated topics can be broken down using innovative visuals and smart scripting. Short videos in your microlearning modules not only manage to transfer knowledge in a fun way but also leave learners wanting more. 

Promotes Deep Learning

A video may not be able to cover a lengthy topic in-depth, but it ignites a deep curiosity among learners. A well-made video is thought provoking as it creates a lasting impact in the minds of the learners. Micro videos can also be used to generate interest in upcoming e-learning courses or classroom sessions. It gets learners so invested in the subject matter that they willingly go the extra mile to fill gaps in their knowledge about the topic.

Videos also create an environment that promotes free-thinking. If users encounter any doubt in their quest for deeper subject understanding, they take up the task to overcome it themselves.

Makes Learning Happen Anytime

Watching a video is not a daunting task on your mind. Even if you were in a totally relaxed environment, you wouldn’t think twice before watching an informative video. Be it a laptop, tablet or smartphone, videos are compatible and look great on any device. Such an appeal from a learning medium allows learners to make the most of any free time they might have, even if it is just a few minutes. Videos do an unparalleled job of integrating learning with the lifestyles of learners.

Creates a Social Learning Ecosystem

Since videos bring an entertaining factor to your learning program, they have the potential to become the topic of discussion among your employees. Reluctant learners who might be dodging the microlearning module will instantly undertake it owing to the persuasion of their peers. As videos are generally construed as informal and fun, they become highly sharable on social media and other online networking platforms. In their bid to discuss the video, learners also end up discussing the topic that it conveys, thus dually reinforcing the subject matter.

If microlearning is the need of the hour for your digital learning program, then video is going to be its strongest factor. So rise above the normal approach of learning and use videos to achieve your learning goals in a fun way.