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Lectora Online – Why You Must Use It for Developing E-learning Courses

Cloud-based authoring technologies – a radical development that has made e-learning development cost-effective and hassle-free. Cloud-based tools eliminate the need for expensive IT hardware and are simple to use. All that a course developer needs to access a cloud-based authoring tool is an Internet connection and valid login credentials.

Are you too looking to author online courses in the cloud? There are dozens of cloud-based e-learning development applications in the marketplace. Of these, Lectora Online is one of the most widely used. The latest version of this powerful tool, Lectora Online 3.4, comes with a host of features that enable you to create good technology-enabled learning resources. Let us see what they are.

1. Facility to develop courses in a highly secure environment

A major concern of companies that intend to go for cloud-based e-learning development tools is the security of their learning content. Many a time, online courses contain confidential corporate information and loss or pilferage of this information from the cloud can be catastrophic.

Trivantis, the developer of Lectora Online, has taken all possible measures to ensure the safety of sensitive information. The online course development application has feature that allows you to restrict access to your e-learning project, only to those developers who are working on the project, by “locking” access to other users of the tool. This ensures that no person, who is not connected to the project, can access your learning content.

Furthermore, all the work stored in the cloud is backed up to a secure offsite data storage facility. This allows companies to retrieve their work, if the data in the cloud is lost.

2. Videos of high quality can be used in courses for the mobile

It is common knowledge that videos are the most popular online media, and companies across the world are developing video-based learning modules to impart knowledge and skills to their staff.

One of the major problems faced by e-learning developers is ensuring the quality of videos, when they are delivered on mobile devices. In most cases, developers compress the videos to ensure they load quickly on smartphones and tablets. However, the quality of the videos takes a beating when they are compressed.

This problem can be resolved using Lectora Online 3.4. The tool allows you to retain the width and height aspect ratio of a video, when it is compressed, and this helps ensure that the quality of the learning video remains intact.

3. Development of good device-agnostic courses is made easy

The desktop computer no longer monopolizes the online world. Today, people use a wide variety of devices such as smartphones and tablets to access online material, including e-learning resources. So, it is very important to ensure that your online courses can be accessed seamlessly across multiple devices.

Lectora Online 3.4 is the perfect tool to meet your responsive e-learning development requirements. The rapid authoring tool allows you to create online learning resources, which can be accessed in a hassle-free manner, on any device, irrespective of the size of its screen. The e-learning development software has an in-built library of device-agnostic page layouts that go a long way in simplifying the development of responsive online courses.

You also have the option of adjusting the size of the objects in your technology-enabled learning resource, proportionally, across various views (PC, tablet, and smartphone), at the same time. Lectora Online 3.4 allows you to assign a scale factor to make text appear larger or smaller on mobile devices. The cloud-based e-learning development application allows you to deliver content and control learning actions based on a device and its orientation. For instance, you can display a message to your learner, asking him to switch to portrait mode for attempting an assessment.

4. Integration with ReviewLink enables seamless collaboration among stakeholders

We all know that proper coordination between stakeholders is vital for the successful completion of an online learning development project. Unfortunately, many projects are not completed on time, within budget, due to poor collaboration between stakeholders; miscommunication between stakeholders and designers leads to re-work. In many cases, poor collaboration is a result of stakeholders working in different parts of the globe, and differences in time-zones result in the inability to coordinate effectively.

This problem can be overcome effectively using Lectora Online 3.4. The e-learning development tool is fully integrated and can be used to publish courses to ReviewLink, a web-based course review application from Trivantis. The published course can be reviewed by stakeholders in any part of the world easily, and their feedback can be implemented without delay. This is because ReviewLink facilitates real-time collaboration between stakeholders, by overcoming the problems of time-zone differences.

We thus see that Lectora Online 3.4 helps you develop e-learning courses of high quality, in the cloud. Go ahead and make the best use of this rapid authoring tool to meet your online course development needs.

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