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Can You Identify One Opportunity for Microlearning? – Session 1

CommLab India, a global leader in offering technology-enabled learning solutions provider, is hosting a four-part, live webinar series, on Microlearning. The webinar, conducted by Dr. Howard Lewis, Ph.D., CPT, focuses on providing in-depth exposure on the practical implementation aspects of microlearning, to instructional designers and learning technology experts.

The first session of the webinar, Where Does Microlearning Fit in Your Learning Strategy?, which took place on 17th August, received an overwhelming response. The webinar had participants from a wide range of industry verticals and training functions. This blog post shares a glimpse of the questions posed by participants, to Dr. Howard, in the webinar. This series deals with the difference between microlearning and other instructional strategies, the impact of microlearning to organizational results, and how microlearning can serve as part of blended learning, standalone learning, or performance support.

The following are the answers for the question, Can You Identify One Opportunity for Microlearning?, shared by participants, during the webinar, Where Does Microlearning Fit in Your Learning Strategy?

Product Sales Training

  1. Target specific sales behaviors [Lindsay Mccullough]
  2. Product training covering incremental product updates [Vidhya Vasudevan]
  3. Product knowledge [Anna Sompolska]
  4. Marketing of products [Mukesh Jaswal]
  5. Just-in-time sales aid [Gary Bolton]
  6. Information for cancer survivors for care of colostomies [Marjory Munson]

Systems/Process Training

  1. There are a lot of uses for integrated hardware/software new feature introduction [Lourdes Covach]
  2. System learning/refreshers. New implementations [Chris Dickstein]
  3. Capacity Planning and Sizing an Oracle Super Cluster [Venu Poddar]
  4. Step-by-step instructions to perform a task [Indu Gopinath]
  5. New software instructions [Julia Edwards-McDaniel]
  6. Simple software task [Kevin Ruse]
  7. Decision Tree for a typical concept [Nolita Almeida]
  8. The steps of patient identification at the hospital [Jennifer McKenzie]

Compliance Training

  1. New policy procedures and guidance [M Katherine Fisher]
  2. In checking retention and absorption of compliance trainings [Anjana Varghese]
  3. Case scenarios [Eric Lahman]
  4. We’re currently using microlearning for a course on Unconscious Bias [Lindsey Shepard]
  5. Workers Compensation Procedures [Glen Rutter]

HR Training

  1. New employee orientation [Stephen Mitchell]
  2. I can clearly see where we can benefit from this, especially related to lost sales due that people do not know what to do, especially new hires [Vera ellen Sletne]
  3. New service deployment [Tony Robertson]
  4. To introduce an upcoming training for major changes in the organization – to get users intrigued onto what’s in store [Meeta Chopra]
  5. Our leadership development programme and having bite-sized post learning events [Desiree Westdorp]
  6. Assessing the goals of the organization [Ramon Talavera]

Performance Support

  1. How to video that is to the point and short in time – addresses an immediate need not many needs [David Klein]
  2. Concept reinforcement [Kendra Raguckas]
  3. Deliver just-in-time training [Leonie Bruning]
  4. Just-in-time system training [Dan Clark]
  5. Periodic refresher [Yusuf Basith]
  6. Just-in-time learning for on-site work, to refresh something that’s necessary right always [Barbara Nunez]
  7. Online coaching with short videos as we go [Claire Colliard]
  8. Games to reinforce braille learning [Charmaine Martin]
  9. Sharing lessons learned with your colleagues through learning [Ajda Turk]

Where Does Microlearning Fit in Your Learning Strategy?