5 Good E-learning Examples Created Using Lectora Inspire

Check out this post for five good examples of online courses developed using the authoring tool Lectora Inspire.

Published on Updated on May 21 2019
5 Good E-learning Examples Created Using Lectora Inspire

Lectora Inspire – a rapid authoring tool well-known for its features that enable the effective conversion of text-heavy content into engaging online courses. This powerful e-learning development software from Trivantis is also famous for its capabilities which make e-learning translations simple. The rapid authoring tool is power-packed with various features that make e-learning development easy and efficient. 1 Let us now look at 5 examples of online courses developed using Lectora Inspire.

1. Sales Process1

This scenario-based online learning example uses the features of Lectora Inspire to provide a “flip book-like” experience to the learner, which goes a long way in explaining the learning content in an interesting manner.

Sales Process

2. Word Scramble

Gamification is one of the hottest trends in the e-learning world. This e-learning module, a fine example of the gamified online course development capabilities of Lectora Inspire 16, engages learners very effectively.

Word Scramble

Source: madhurimagr

3. Let’s Cook3

This technology-enabled self-paced learning sample showcases what Lectora Inspire can do. It contains audio and video elements, animations and buttons which are customized. The course is a fine testament to the power of variables and actions that come with the rapid authoring tool.

Let’s Cook

Source: trivantis

4. Chinese Tea Culture4

Mobile learning is the order of the day. This e-learning example highlights the capabilities of Lectora Inspire to produce engaging learning content for the mobile device. The course uses swipe gestures for navigation and mobile-friendly drag and drop interactivities and icons to create good experiences for the mobile learner.

Chinese Tea Culture

Source trivantis

5. Venipuncture5

Just-in-time (JIT) learning support plays a key role in improving the performance of staff members. This mobile learning example highlights the abilities of Lectora Inspire to develop intuitive, user-friendly navigation. The course also shows how the rapid authoring tool can be used to make the best use of pop-ups and image and text transitions.


Source: trivantis

Lectora Inspire is a powerful rapid authoring tool, used widely for converting text-heavy learning content into interesting online courses. The rapid authoring tool is also renowned for its features which facilitate the easy development of multilingual e-learning courses. Hope you found these e-learning examples developed using Lectora Inspire interesting. How do you use the e-learning development software? We’d love to know.

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