How to Develop an Interactive Video in Articulate Storyline


This blog shares steps to develop an interactive video in Articulate Storyline.

How to Develop an Interactive Video in Articulate Storyline

Videos are a great way to engage learners in an online course. Since most videos are self-running, you can’t really know if your learners are actively watching them. To keep your learners active,  you can make a video, interactive by adding a few questions to it. This interactive video can be developed using Articulate Storyline.

Wondering how? In this blog, I will share a simple strategy to make your videos interactive; when the learner is watching a video, after a few seconds, a question pops up on the screen and the learner has to answer it to continue watching the video. This can be done using a simple branching slide strategy.

Let’s look at the steps.

Step 1:

Insert a video in the slide and play it automatically.

Insert a Video in the Slide

Step 2:

Insert three tabs in the same slide in the hidden state and label them Option A, Option B, and Option C; add the triggers shown below – one for each tab.

Insert 3 Tabs in the Same Slide

Add the Triggers

Step 3:

Create a variable with the default value False.

Create a Variable with Default Value False

Step 4:

Add the triggers given below to the slide.

Add the Triggers

Add Triggers to the Slide

Step 5:

Create three new slides and insert 3 videos – one in each slide and link such that if the learner clicks option A in the main slide, the respective slide plays.Link the other two video slides the same way, as shown below.

Create three new slides and insert 3 videos

Additionally, we can add a tab to replay the video within the same slide by adding a trigger to jump to the same slide.

This is how we can make a video interactive in Articulate Storyline. Hope you find it useful.

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