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Articulate Storyline: Creating Multiple Response Questions Using Triggers

In Articulate Storyline, we have a default option to create multiple select questions. But using them, we may not be able to provide appropriate feedback to the learner based on the option he selects. We are restricted to using the default feedback options, i.e., just specifying if he is correct or incorrect.

We can overcome this limitation by creating multi-select multiple choice questions using triggers. We can set customized feedback options that pop up depending on the options the learner selects.

Let us see how to create these questions.

Step 1:

Insert checkboxes according to the number of options you have. Refer the screenshot given below to insert a checkbox.

Insert checkboxes

Step 2:

Insert a text box for each checkbox and give some value. Create a Submit button and “Correct” and “Incorrect” layers to display feedback.

Create a submit button

Step 3:

Now, start creating variables depending on the number of options. Shown below are screenshots of variables. 

Creating first variable

Creating a second variable

Creating a third variable

Step 4:

Now start creating triggers for the options as shown in the screenshot below.

Create triggers for the options variables option1

This trigger will select the first option (checkbox1); in the same way, create triggers for the other options so that the variables become True when learners select the options. The other triggers are shown in the screenshots below.

Create triggers for the options variables option2

Create triggers for the options variables option3

Sometimes learners may select an option and deselect immediately. So, the variable becomes True and at that time, we need to add another trigger as shown in the screenshot.

Add another trigger

This trigger will deselect the first option (checkbox1); in the same way, create triggers for the other options. So, the variables will become False when the learner deselects the option. The other triggers are shown below.

Trigger will deselect the first option (checkbox1)

Create triggers for other options

Now, create the following triggers to submit the interaction and display the Correct and Incorrect feedback layers.

Let’s assume options 1 and 3 are correct. Add the trigger shown below to show the correct layer when these two options are checked.

Add the trigger

Now add incorrect feedback trigger as shown below.

Add incorrect feedback trigger

Now, preview the slide and check the functionality. Using these steps, we can create multiple choice questions using triggers in Articulate Storyline.

I hope this post helps you.

Please do share your thoughts.

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