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Learner-Centric Compliance E-learning Courses with Articulate Storyline

Compliance training plays a key role in training the employees on company’s rules and work ethics.. Most of the organizations implement compliance training because it is mandatory to fulfill the requirements of regulatory authorities.

According to Towards Maturity’s benchmark survey, 98% of the organizations are interested in pursuing technology-enabled compliance training.

The survey also reveals that user engagement is the top barrier in adopting eLearning to such trainings. So, how can you create a compliance course that is interactive, engaging and that changes the behavior of the users?

Let’s look at a few tips to make your compliance training learner-centric and interactive.

Tip 1 : Use actions

Set measurable outcomes that change the learner’s behavior. The goal of the course is to change the behavior and not teach things.

 Steps of the evacuation procedure

Evacuate elderly people safely from the organization

Tip 2 : Keep it real

Use real-life challenges to engage your learners. These will help them extract guidelines or best practices and apply them in their workplace. These challenges help them acquire new knowledge and develop new ways of overcoming these problems.

Example : We used Beaconsfield mine disaster as an example to design workplace safety training.

keep it real

Videos of industrial disasters can be used in the courses. Articulate Storyline helps you easily embed videos in the course.

Tip 3 : Help them live it

Scenarios demonstrate relatable situations and help learners remember facts, analyze situations, perform functions and take actions as the situation demands. This improves the on-the-job performance of the employees.

Example : We used a scenario on the importance of information security. It shows security threats at the manger’s workstation, how he failed to secure the files in a safe place and how he left confidential IT documents in the bin.

Help them live it

Help them live it

Advances in authoring tools have made it easier to design scenarios. In-built scenes, default characters, their poses and moods help in easy designing and development of courses.

Tip 4 : Make it interactive

Use click-to-reveal interactivities (click on tabs, click on images/ icons/ numbers) to enhance learner engagement throughout the course. These interactivities break the monotony and promote active and participatory learning.

Use other interactivities such as drag-and-drop, multiple choice questions, drop down, matching, arranging, sequencing, etc., which are designed for assessments to test the learner’s understanding. They are used to reinforce learning and check the change in behavior.

With the in-built templates in Articulate Storyline, you can easily incorporate all these interactivities quickly. These interactivities are iPad-compatible, making it easy to access via any touch-based device.

Here are the screenshots of some interactivities created in Articulate Storyline.

Make it interactive

Make it interactive

We can conclude that applying these tips will help us create learner-centric and interactive compliance courses.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Do share your thoughts.

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