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E-learning Development – Adding Click and Learn Interactions Engages the Learners

E-learning is totally different from the class room training and adding interactivites to it motivates the learners and engages them. It also helps the learners to participate actively in the course.

In this blog, I would like to share some presentation patterns for using click and learn interactivities, which make an eLearning course interesting.

1. Click on Tabs

Mostly, we use this presentation pattern when we have large content to show on one slide. So, we take the heading of the content and it is presented as tabs. The learner will be asked to click on these tabs to learn more. When he clicks them, the content appears. So, using this presentation pattern we make the screen interesting for the learners, and we can avoid lengthy content on the screen.

click on tabs

2. Slide Shows

We use this presentation pattern for providing step by step information to the learners. Mostly, we use this to give information related to a process or history. We can make the screen readable, showing less content onscreen, and it makes the course engaging and interesting.

slide show

3. Click on Icons

We use these types of presentation patterns, when we have huge information about a particular topic. So, we present them as ‘more info’ icons. We sometimes we use the PDF symbol as icons, when we need to present a lot of information, and when learner clicks the PDF symbol, he will access the relevant information in the PDF format. Sometimes we use ‘example’ icons to show examples to the learner. So, when you use these icons in an eLearning course , the learners get motivated and they can actively participant in the learning process.

Click on Icons

4. Hot Spots

We use this presentation pattern, when we want to provide information about a particular part of a product or a machine. We highlight the parts of the product. When the learner clicks on it, he will get the relevant information. This presentation pattern facilitates easy retention of information.

Hot Spots
5. Flash Cards

Flash cards are mostlyused to re-call information. We have a question/ heading on a card.When the learner clicks on it,the card “flips” and showsthe answer or gives information about the question/heading. We use this presentation pattern if the information to be provided is not longer than a sentence.

 Flash cards

All these presentation patterns can be used based in the content, and we can use them where they are suitable. Apart from these, there are many click and learn presentation patterns. Please do share if you have any.

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