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The Secret to Great Responsive Design: Elucidat!

Let’s admit it. In today’s global era, online training has become the most popular format for improving employee skills, to enhance performance and maximize productivity across the organization. With the pandemic wreaking havoc with classroom training plans, it has become even more imperative for businesses to take their training online.

As a training manager or L&D professional, you may be planning to transition from the classroom to eLearning or may have already done so. But it’s not easy to develop eLearning courses that are easy to create, are engaging and enjoyable for the learner, and are also successful for the organization in terms of ROI.

That’s why I’m going to discuss the authoring tool Elucidat in this blog, and how you can make your eLearning a huge success with Elucidat’s responsive design.

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What is Responsive Design?

Responsive design, to put it simply, allows content to adapt according to the view in which it is displayed.

One can view a lot of content on a single screen on the desktop. But it’s a totally different ballgame when it comes to mobile devices. Mobile devices have much smaller screens than desktops, making it difficult to read a lot of content on the screen unless it is zoomed. What you need here is Responsive Design!

Responsive design makes it easy to present text on the screen (whatever the screen size) in an organized manner, making it easy for the learner to read and understand the content.

There are many authoring tools in the eLearning market that offer responsive design output. But here’s the question. Which among them all is the best for your eLearning courses? The short answer is ‘Elucidat’– the most convenient authoring tool for your eLearning.

Elucidat – A Cloud-based Authoring Tool

Elucidat is a cloud-based authoring tool that offers great responsive design. Its output plays seamlessly on any device – from mobiles to iPads and laptops, to desktops. Though Elucidat is a simple tool, it is powerful enough to create professional responsive courses in very short time.

Why Should you Choose Elucidat for eLearning Development?

Along with outstanding responsive design, Elucidat also offers the following.

Easy handling at affordable cost

Developing a responsive course isn’t a very easy task in any authoring tool. But with Elucidat, it doesn’t take much effort, as it provides greater control over objects. It is easy to learn and work with Elucidat, which saves a lot of development time. It is also available at a very affordable cost, offering the best output that can be viewed easily on any mobile device.

Ease of adjustment

Elucidat makes it easy to design eLearning courses just as you want. Each object/element comes with individual settings making it easy to fit it perfectly in the device view. Most of the responsive adjustments are automatically overseen by Elucidat itself without any need for manual adjustments.

Freedom to stack elements in selected device views

Elucidat offers predefined templates that are incredibly useful to design engaging courses, auto adjusting the content to display optimally in targeted views. It can develop custom courses (with some limitations) targeted to many audiences as well as smaller courses with concise content as microlearning modules.

Design that can fit in any view

Elucidat’s responsive design can be viewed on almost all mobile devices with the best fit, giving learners a sense of comfort and ease while they explore their courses conveniently.

Wrapping Up!

Most organizations today prefer online training to train their workforce. Training with mobile devices gives learners the freedom to choose their own time for learning. With its easy handling capability and other features, Elucidat helps organizations create the best responsive courses in less time, cost-effectively. For insights into other trends being adopted by high-performing organizations, check this eBook!

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