Advantages of Adobe Captivate

Advantages of Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate Advantages

Adobe Captivate one of most popular eLearning tool. The first product was Initially  flash-cam and has been used only for screen recording. Later it was used as an  elearning course authoring tool .Adobe systems brought the rights and changed its name to Captivate. Since   2004 To 2014 Adobe has launched 8 different versions in Captivate and the present version is 8.0 comes with a responsive design feature which has made it popular.

The elearning Guild reported, in 2013,that , that Adobe Captivate is the most widely used rapid authoring tool in the world. Now let’s see the advantages of using  Adobe Captivate why it is the choice of the eLearning world.

Audio Recording and Editing: Adobe Captivate comes with two features for audio recording and editing options. The developer can import the audio and edit it using audio editor option or the developer can record the audio and edit it using microphone calibration option.

Easy Object Management:  Adobe Captivate uses objects to create interactvities. The objects can be pictures, text, video, or any other media. Creating an object is simple. They will be automatically placed in the timeline, so that we can manually determine  where to use the animation and where not to. When it comes to video editing capabilities, we can cut, copy, paste and create copies of the objects

Responsive design:By using this tool the designer can create responsive eLearning courses that can be accessed on all devices such as PCs ,iPads and mobiles.The developer just needs to create the primary version, intended for PCs and the tool automatically  updates it for access on iPads and other mobile versions.

Smart shapes: This allows you to add the position to objects like image, text, border.

These are some of the new features in Adobe Captivate 8. Do you have additional information on this? Please do share!

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