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7 Steps to Convert Legacy Courses at Rocket Speed [Infographic]

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The way people access information has changed. From newspapers and television, they shifted to computers and laptops. Now everything in accessed on mobile devices, and online learning is no different. Employees don’t like to be distracted from their busy schedules. So organizations are converting their legacy courses to HTML5, so that they can be accessed on any mobile device. This ensures employees are not distracted from their regular work schedules and can access training at their convenient time, place, and device.

Are you too looking to convert your existing legacy courses to HTML5 and unsure of how to proceed? Conversion of legacy courses is a lengthy process and involves a number of complicated tasks. You need to have a checklist to avoid unwanted delays and prevent unnecessary concerns.

In this post, we will see a checklist that will help you refurbish legacy courses quickly, by avoiding missing out on anything in the conversion process.

7 Steps to Convert Legacy Courses at Rocket Speed [Infographic]

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