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5 Best Features of Adobe Captivate 9 That Enhance E-learning

Even though many authoring tools are available, Adobe Captivate 9 which was introduced two years back is a favorite among e-learning designers for the versatility and range of features it offers. The tool helps create interactive courses with responsive design.

In this blog, we will look at five fabulous features of this tool that enhance instructional design.

1. Adobe Captivate Draft 

 This feature makes storyboarding an easy job. The conventional way of storyboarding was to create the storyboard in one tool and then develop the course using an e-learning authoring tool. This involved the use of extra resources, time, and efforts. With Adobe Captivate Draft, you can create a storyboard directly in the authoring tool with e-learning objects, question slides, and branching abilities.

The feature also allows you to share the storyboard with your clients and colleagues. When you send and receive reviews in real time, the review process becomes a quick affair. Once your storyboard is finalized, you can import it to Captivate and publish it.

2. Device-aware Delivery

Learners prefer to access e-learning courses on their mobile devices, so responsive design has become a necessity. Captivate offers the feature to develop responsive courses that can be accessed on any mobile device. You need to create the course just once which can be adapted to any device. If the course is being accessed on a phone or tablet, the layout of the page will fit the screen size and the resolution of the device it is being accessed on. So there is no need to design the course separately for a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet.

3. Multimedia Integration 

Captivate 9 comes loaded with interactive elements. There is a range of multimedia tools to use, from HD screen capture and screen casting to audio synchronization and scenario branching. The integration feature can provide audio-text captions, text-to-speech capabilities, and pan and zoom support. This feature, along with the tool’s Asset Store helps make elearning courses highly interactive.

4. Branch-aware Quizzing

This feature allows learners to take a pretest before they start the course. The unique feature is the assessment will point out to the modules the learners will have to take, based on the pretest results so that they get the best out of the course. After they complete the module, learners will have to take a quiz again so that they can check their progress. An additional feature is the Knowledge Check questions which will assess if the learners are on track.

5. Geo-location Support

This special feature will help detect the exact location of the learner so that the online content delivered to him is region-specific. This is useful when training has to be customized for employees based on their location and when you have to deliver a consistent e-learning experience to your learners spread across the globe. This feature helps you incorporate location-specific content in the course and even location based e-learning activities. For instance, a salesman meeting a prospect in a particular city can use this feature to come up with information comparing the usage of his product with that of a competitor in that area, which he can show the prospect. These are five fantastic features of Adobe Captivate 9 that can truly enhance your e-learning courses. Adobe continues to enhance the features in the Captivate tool so that you have a good experience when you design courses using this tool.

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