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Replicate the Real Classroom, Virtually! ILT To VILT Conversion Decoded [Webinar]

Do you have reservations about switching your classroom training to virtual instructor-led training (or VILT), as it’s commonly referred to? It’s reasonable to have reservations, especially if this is your first time. And you’re probably asking yourself a lot of questions right now – including:

  • Is VILT the same as a webinar?
  • What are the typical challenges involved in the conversion?
  • What materials will be needed for VILT?
  • How do I select the right technology platform?
  • How do I engage learners without visual cues?
  • What is the process of conversion?

Replicate The Real Classroom, Virtually! ILT To VILT Conversion Decoded

Hang on!

It’s time for you to relax because we’ve heard you! Here’s an exclusive webinar “ILT to VILT Conversion Decoded” – May 5, 2022, 11 AM EDT that will provide practical insights on designing VILT sessions that mimic the real classroom — a move your learners will love!

Shalini Merugu, CommLab India’s in-house L&D expert, will be your VILT guru, and guide you through all of the critical aspects of the classroom to VILT conversion process (from conceptualization to implementation).

This webinar ‘Replicate the Real Classroom, Virtually!’ offers practical guidelines to:

  • Tailor VILT sessions and replicate the human interaction in the classroom
  • Tweak classroom content to suit the digital space
  • Design instructional material and collaborative activities
  • Select and leverage the right platform

You’ll also have access to an open house where you can ask the expert any questions you might have! Sign up for this webinar to learn more about all of this and more – to design and conduct effective VILT sessions!

Note: Register even if you are unsure of attending the session, and we will send you a recording! I hope to see you there!

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