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How Does VILT Outshine Webinars in Corporate Training? [Infographic]

Hey, let's talk about leveling up your virtual training game! You know those webinars we've all attended? They're like the appetizer of virtual training—good, but not exactly filling. But what if I told you there's a main course that's way more satisfying? VILT! The secret sauce to virtual training into interactive, engaging experiences!

With VILT, you're not just sitting back and watching, you're fully immersed in the learning process, engaging with content, collaborating with peers, and experiencing the transformative power of virtual training.

VILT vs Webinars

Confused about the difference between Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT) and webinars? Let's clear the air! Webinars are more akin to broadcast-style presentations, where information is shared with a large audience through slides and lectures.

On the other hand, VILT is a virtual version of traditional classroom learning, conducted online through various VILT platforms. It offers a simulated classroom experience with interactive elements like real-time discussions and group activities.

There’s much that a VILT session offers.

  • VILT creates engaging atmospheres for active learning.
  • Participants engage directly with instructors and peers.
  • Instructors provide instant feedback and support.
  • Smaller group discussions with breakout rooms foster deeper exploration.
  • Learners interact, ask questions, and share insights which enhances learner engagement.

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Why VILT is Better than Webinars for Corporate Training?

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Why VILT is Better than Webinars for Corporate Training?

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Taking the Right Course of Action

When it comes to corporate training, VILT takes the lead due to its immersive, two-way interaction. However, webinars still have their place and can also complement VILT sessions, providing additional learning opportunities when instructors are unavailable.

So, why settle for basic webinars when you can dive into the immersive world of VILT? Here’s an eBook to help you craft engaging VILT experiences that replicate the real classroom, virtually. Our eBook equips you with the tools and strategies needed to create truly impactful VILT experiences. Say goodbye to passive learning and hello to a dynamic, interactive journey where every participant feels connected, engaged, and empowered.

Virtual Instructor-led Training Beginner’s Guide