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11 Questions that Help Understand Client’s Requirement [Infographic]

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11 Questions that Help Understand Client’s Requirement [Infographic]

E-learning uses technology to make learning easy. The instructors, developers and technology experts need to function in sync with each other to bring about an effective e-learning course.

But, the first and the foremost aspect is to understand the clients and their requirements. This involves analyzing the training objectives by consulting the client. The analysis helps to identify the clients’ requirements in terms of content, the time lines, learning experiences etc. Analysis also determines the knowledge and skill gaps that need to be bridged.

It is during the initial meeting with clients that we get to understand how the course needs to be developed; keeping in mind the benefits that client visualizes for their learners. This helps design an effective e-learning course with the desired objective.

Here are a set of questions that may be considered to kick start a meeting with the clients.

11 Questions that Help Understand Client’s Requirement [Infographic]

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