5 Tips to Design And Develop Responsive E-learning Courses – An Infographic

This infographic shares five tips to design and develop responsive eLearning courses.

Published on Updated on February 10 2020

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How to Make Your E-learning Course Responsive on Multiple Devices?

Imagine a situation where in an eLearning course is assigned to a busy employee. He completes a part of the course during his working hours on his desktop and the remaining unfinished part at home on his tablet. When he is accessing the course on his mobile, he expects the course to function the same way as on desktop. But, Is this possible? Yes, certainly, with responsive eLearning.

But, what is responsive eLearning?

Responsive eLearning facilitates the development of online courses that can be accessed efficiently on multiple devices with varied screen sizes – from desktop computers to smart phones. Here is an info- graphic which shares 5 proven tips to design and develop highly effective responsive eLearning courses.

5 Tips to Design And Develop Effective Responsive E-Learning Courses - An Infographic

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