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Have You Tried Custom eLearning for Sales Enablement? [5 Benefits]

In today's world where new products are launched almost every hour, staying ahead of your competitors is more important than ever. This requires more than just charisma and product knowledge. It demands a well-rounded personality of the sales representatives. And to ensure that, you need to provide them with sales enablement training.

Sales enablement training includes providing relevant skills, knowledge, and the tools that help your sales representatives sell effectively. In short, sales enablement helps your sales teams to close more deals and increase company profits. To level-up your sales enablement training and make it the most effective one, custom eLearning is the way to go. If you’re wondering why, it’s because each sales representative has their own strengths and shortcomings. Custom eLearning for sales enablement offers them on-point, personalized learning content that helps them ace the sales show!

In this blog, we'll dive deeper into this topic. We’ll understand the importance of sales training and then explore the top 5 benefits of leveraging custom eLearning for sales enablement.

Why is Sales Training Important?

Sales training is one of the most important trainings a business can offer. It helps you maintain as well as grow your business. For a detailed insight, watch the video below!


Top 5 Benefits of Custom eLearning for Sales Enablement

Tailored Learning Experience

One of the most significant advantages of leveraging custom eLearning for sales enablement is the ability to create a tailored learning experience. Off-the-shelf training courses simply can't match the effectiveness of training materials that are personalized according to your learner's needs. That’s right. You can conduct a thorough Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to identify specific knowledge gaps and skills deficiencies in the sales teams and design the sales enablement training courses accordingly.

For example, if your sales team struggles with objection handling in the technology sector, you can create modules that focus on this precise skill. You can incorporate scenarios and role-playing exercises tailored to your products and market. With custom eLearning, you can address the specific challenges and opportunities your sales team faces, ensuring that they receive the most relevant sales enablement training possible.

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On-Demand Access

Sales professionals are often on the move, juggling multiple client meetings and tight schedules. This makes it challenging for them to attend the conventional in-person training sessions. Here, custom eLearning comes in handy as it caters to their needs by providing on-demand access to training materials. This flexibility means sales reps can dive into learning when it suits them the best. Whether it's during a break between meetings or while traveling, custom eLearning ensures that learning fits seamlessly into their busy schedules.

Imagine a scenario where a salesperson is about to meet a potential client who is interested in a new software feature. With on-demand custom eLearning, they can quickly review the relevant module instead of having to sift through lengthy training manuals to get hold of information they’re looking for. This helps ensure that they're well-prepared for the meeting and close the deal successfully.


Custom eLearning is a cost-effective solution, especially when compared to traditional in-person training. Check out the infographic below enlisting various costs associated with classroom training.

Costs Associated with Classroom Training

With custom eLearning, you ditch all these expenses and train a geographically dispersed salesforce simultaneously.

Moreover, the scalability of custom eLearning ensures reduced cost. That’s right! When you onboard more sales reps, you can deliver the same training material to them. This reduces the training cost per learner as you just need to invest in creating the content once. Along with this, custom eLearning also supports easy updates and modifications. This saves cost in terms of having to create new courses from scratch.

Engaging and Interactive Content

Learner engagement is crucial for effective learning. Custom eLearning goes beyond the conventional static-presentation training method by incorporating interactive elements. You can create interactive and immersive sales enablement training modules by including simulations, gamification, and multimedia elements. Check out the infographic below to know the 5 common multimedia elements.

5 Common Multimedia Elements in eLearning

For example, you can design a sales training module that includes a virtual sales simulation where sales reps negotiate with a virtual customer. This provides them an opportunity to practice their skills in a risk-free environment and build confidence for real-life situations.

Gamification is another effective strategy to promote engagement in custom eLearning. It means applying game-like elements to non-game situations to boost learner engagement and interactivity. You can include different game-like elements like points, badges, or rewards for completing modules, quizzes, or challenges in your training modules. This competitive element fosters a sense of achievement and encourages participation.

Quick Adaptation to Market Changes

In the fast-paced world of sales, market trends and product offerings can change overnight. In such situations, custom eLearning helps you to stay ahead of the curve by enabling you to quickly adapt your training materials to address these changes. In traditional training, updating all materials and scheduling additional sessions can be time-consuming and expensive.

But with custom eLearning, you can quickly modify the existing training modules and deploy the updated training material. This way, you can keep your sales reps well-informed and up-to-date. Thus, minimizing the risk of delivering outdated information to clients or falling behind in the competitive world of sales.

For instance, if your software company introduces a significant software update or launches a new software, you can deliver a new custom eLearning module containing all the important features, use cases, etc., within days. It helps guarantee that your sales team is equipped with relevant knowledge to present and promote the latest features successfully.

In The End

Custom eLearning for sales enablement is a game-changer that offers several benefits. From tailored learning experiences to cost-efficiency to on-demand access, it equips your sales team with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in today's competitive landscape. So what are you waiting for? Leverage custom eLearning for sales enablement today and watch your salesforce reach new heights of success! Don’t forget to level-up your instructional design game to make the most out of your training program. Check out the handy instructional design guide below!

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