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Remarkable Tips to Make Remote Onboarding a Memorable One! [Video]

Remote working, online meetings, and virtual training sessions are too common today due to the quick transition to the culture of a remote workforce and the expansion of the virtual world. And similarly remote onboarding in a virtual setting has become the new norm.

Collecting data, doing documentation, introducing new hires to the team, assigning them to work and more onboarding steps have now been simplified extensively with new-age technology in the virtual world where the remote onboarding process has become faster and better.

Successful Virtual Onboarding for Remote Teams

Innovations in technology? What wonders they have done for humans!

It has been a rock support in the realm of corporate training. It enabled easy connections and maximum engagement despite geographical barriers at just a click of a button. It has given employees the advantage of working remotely and have a collaborative learning experience even after being separated by miles.

Benefits of Virtual Training for Remote Onboarding

  • Allows for effective collaboration even while being remote.
  • Helps new hires get settled into their roles and responsibilities more quickly.
  • Enables organizations to set up 360-degree tours of the workplace, giving the remote team the chance to virtually tour the entire organization.

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Virtual Training’s Pivotal Role in Remote Onboarding

When new hires get the opportunity to build rapport with their peers, they better understand the organizational culture and work than any amount of reading about the organization would. But today with a globally dispersed workforce and remote work culture, all such interactions have been pushed aside. But kudos to technology with which more of virtual ways of onboarding are welcomed to collaborate virtually using platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams. This way the remote team has no less than an engaging in-person onboarding training experience.

Here’s a video that will walk you through some winning tips to ace remote onboarding with virtual training

To Sum Up!

Remote onboarding is a challenge but through virtual training, it’s made easy! With the right virtual ways of onboarding, you make your new hires your new hires and improve your organization’s performance effectively.

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