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22 Right Questions to Quickly Identify your Customer’s Requirements

Many organizations do not know clearly what they want when it comes to their eLearning requirement. They have plenty of information with them, but often do not state them according to their requirements.

To help your client you should ask the right questions that can help them to open up with you and provide a lot of valuable information that can be useful for you to serve them better.

To start with, here are 22 right questions that will help you to understand your prospect or client requirement while carrying out the initial round of communication with them:

  1. On what topic do you wish to develop an eLearning course?
  2. Why do you want to develop an eLearning course?
  3. Will it be a standalone course or part of a blended learning approach?
  4. Who are your target audience?
  5. What would be the duration of the eLearning course?
  6. Will it be a single module or a curriculum?
  7. Do you have the content ready?
  8. Do you have SMEs to support during course development?
  9. What level of interactivity would you wish to have in the course?
  10. Do you want to include audio in the course?
  11. Do you have any specific tool in mind for course development?
  12. Should the course be compatible to mobile devices?
  13. Do you have any specific technical requirements regarding browsers and navigation?
  14. When do you want to launch the course?
  15. Where will you host the course?
  16. Do you have an LMS?
  17. Do you want the LMS to be installed and customized?
  18. Should the LMS be hosted on your server?
  19. Do you want this course to be translated into different languages?
  20. Why do you want to shift from your existing vendor?
  21. How soon can we start work on the project?
  22. What is your budget?

Whenever you get any new prospect or client or if your client is in a dilemma about his requirement, then you can ask these questions to help him, as well as you, to identify his requirement. If you know your customer’s requirement well, then you can serve them better. Have anything to say? Please do share!

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