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7 Questions To Ask Stakeholders Prior To The Creation Of An E-Learning Course [Video]

Comprehending the requirements of stakeholders plays a major role in the creation of a successful e-learning course. Thorough analysis and understanding the requirements and goals of the stakeholder is the key behind delivering a consistent e-learning course. There is a necessity to understand who the learners of a certain course are, what the stakeholder expects them to achieve from the course, knowledge of prior e-learning programs and more.

An organization should consider few basic questions to ask the stakeholder in order to get a clear idea on what the course should contain and aim for. This analysis stage determines the efficiency and consistency of the e-learning course.

Want to know more about the questions you need to ask your stake holder? The below video 7 questions to ask your stakeholder before creating an e-learning course will help you understand the basic overview about the following

  • Who are the learners?
  • What needs to change about their performance?
  • Are there any prior training programs?
  • What are the delivery platforms?
  • Budget allocated for the project and timeline
  • Key decision maker
  • Results of the training course

Access the free video here!

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