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Outsourcing E-learning – Risks and Rewards

When it comes to the decision to outsource your e-learning projects, there are both rewards and risks associated with it. This blog will highlight the main rewards and risks so that an informed decision can be taken.


Experience and skill:

Outsourcing partners will have the skill and experience required to deliver a quality product. They bring innovative ideas and concepts, expertise in e-learning design, and development skills. All this put together ensures effective content delivery.

Adherence to deadlines:

A good vendor will be faithful to deadlines and meet the conditions defined in the SLAs, thus ensuring on-time completion.

Quick turnaround:

Efficient management of tasks and finding quick solutions to impediments to the project, ensures quick turnaround. Tight deadlines are also managed quickly and efficiently.

Cost factor:

Developing an in-house team is expensive in terms of hiring and retention, while outsourcing brings with it only the cost of developing the eLearning solution.


Lack of knowledge:

Your outsourcing partner may lack adequate knowledge of your industry, company, or the courseware that is being designed. This can translate into inadequate understanding of the project.

Poor communication:

Lack of clear communication, especially on the objectives of the project, can lead to frustrations and delays. Language barriers, especially when the project is outsourced to a country unfamiliar with your language, can create delays and misunderstandings of project requirements. To avoid this, clearly define your objectives, goals, and preferences to the vendor before starting the project.

Less creative control:

You will have less control over aspects such as design, development, and evaluation of the course. Most of these aspects will be taken care of by the outsourcing partner. While the project is underway, you may discover new and better ways to present the content, but can’t implement them when it is outsourced.

References and testimonials:

References and testimonials presented by the outsourcing partner could be exaggerated and will put your project at risk. It is essential to check the testimonials and speak to references before finalizing the deal.

Less than expected quality:

Before engaging a vendor, check out samples of their work and check with references on the quality of the project delivered to them. Otherwise, your finished project may not meet your expectations because of your vendor’s lack of expertise or knowledge.

The decision whether to outsource your e-learning project or not requires a careful weighing of the risks and rewards associated with it. Taking the right decision ensures you reap the full benefits.

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