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10 Commandments for Learner Motivation and Engagement (Part 2) [Infographic]

In the last post, we discussed the first 5 steps to motivate learners in online training.

  • Creating awareness and fostering readiness
  • Gaining attention
  • Informing learners about what’s in it for them via learning objectives
  • Stimulating recall of prior learning
  • Presenting information

These steps focused on engaging learners from pre-training endeavors to presenting information in a formal training session. In this part, we’ll discuss the next 5 steps you can take to make online training an engaging experience. These 5 steps focus on how to make online training more experiential and engaging by offering hands-on experience, corrective feedback, and so on.

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To begin from we left off in the last post, what’s next after you have presented learners with all the facts and information? Do you just transfer learners to their jobs and expect them to perform to the best of their abilities? Sounds too good to be true, right?

The truth is – presenting information is just one part of the job done. Next, you need to offer them opportunities to practice the learned skills. Learners need guidance and a safe training environment for hands-on practice. But, how do you offer hands-on practice in online training? You will find the tricks in the infographic below!

In addition, offering learners immediate and diagnostic feedback is again crucial for an engaging and motivating online training experience. After all, feedback ensures learners are on the right path, apart from reinforcing learning.

Last, but not the least, learners will need post-training support for refreshing their knowledge as well as finding instant information while they do their jobs.

But how can you go about engaging and motivating them during all these phases of the learning journey? Here’s an infographic highlighting the next 5 commandments for effective learner motivation and engagement in online training.

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