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10 Best Practices to Make Corporate Online Training A Success! [SlideShare]

If I had a dime every time someone underestimated the work in corporate L&D…. Well, we all have had this thought cross our minds at least once. It is true, though nobody seems to appreciate the tremendous workload L&D managers have – the race against time, the budget cuts, nagging stakeholders, and scariest of all – the sense of dread that all this effort and time and training dollars will end up in vain. Planning for an online training strategy is no easy feat and we understand your problems very well. This is why we have listed 10 best practices that will reduce your burden and cure all eLearning design woes.

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Why 10? Because we like the number. What best practices? These are some must-follow tips that are applicable for your online training, no matter what your approach is or what instructional design strategy you’re planning to use.

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Did you find it useful? These basic tips are quite useful, aren’t they? As it often happens, while focusing on performing the most complicated feat, we ignore the fundamentals, and then it can have some less than pleasant consequences. So, it is always good to brush up with some basic 101 details every once in a while, as more often than not, these tiny details will end up deciding the fate of your eLearning plan.

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