Advantages of Online Onboarding Program

Advantages of Online Onboarding Program

Advantages of Online Onboarding Program

Organizations recruit new hires all round the year. They may not undergo induction training as soon as they join, as induction starts only after reaching a critical number. This might be because some of the key managers may not be available to deliver the important information or training to them. Some organizations may be operating in different geographical areas, where in it is not possible to deliver training among all the global employees.

Online onboarding might be the solution to the above issues. Onboarding program is all about educating and training the employees, about the organization. It is also said to be the process of guiding the new hires, so that they adjust to the performance and social aspects of the new job, smoothly and quickly.

A study conducted on “Getting Onboard: A, model for integrating and engaging new employees”, revealed that employee retention rates were increased to 25% during the first year of employment because of online onboarding programs. Additional benefits include improved performance, increased employee engagement and accelerated time to productivity.

Benefits of Online Onboarding Program

Increases productivity: A good induction program, helps organizations to provide detailed information on the company policies and procedures, which the new hires need to follow. With this they will come to know the goals of the organization, thus contributing towards increased productivity.

Reduces turnover rates and cost: Providing new hires with good induction programs, reduces the turnover rates and as well cost associated with training each employee individually. These programs thus benefit the employees who are likely to get confused and fail to adjust quickly in the organization.

Reduces time: It helps the employees to acquire necessary skills, to get on with their new jobs immediately. Using this training program, the learning process of the new hires can be made faster. Saves lot of time in doing the tasks, which are typically paper-based.

Reduces multiculturalism: Employees coming from diverse backgrounds sometimes, may not be able to adjust themselves in the organizations or face problems in communicating with their co-employees. A proper induction program, including aspects like knowing others work culture, setting the standards on what they should actually achieve, benefits the new hires a lot. It ensures they create a congenial environment, thereby preventing conflicts that occur between teams.

Provides accurate information: You will be able to provide accurate information, regarding all the aspects of the organization structure, to the new hires. This ensures that they undertake the job effectively and efficiently. Providing the information online, also helps the employees, find the answers more quickly for queries that they have about the organization’s vision and its culture.

Hope, you got an idea on how online onboarding program benefits the employees and organizations, at the same time. I feel like every organization should undergo induction training program, so that new hires integrate themselves in the organization very smoothly and quickly.

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