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Mobile-First, Mobile-Friendly, Mobile-Only Courses: The Differences [Infographic]

Sales personnel, channel partners, customers, service technicians, senior management, and the millennial workforce – all of them need mobile learning for training. These are all the people who are either on-the-move a lot, can’t spend a lot of time on training, or even those addicted to their mobile devices!

Having said that, you can’t expect to design a single type of mobile learning course for all these groups of people. Yes, senior management might just need the latest updates sent to their iPhones while your sales reps might need an online sales calculator they can access at the client location.

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Different types of mobile learning courses serve different purposes. The three types of mobile learning courses are:

1. Mobile-First Courses

These courses are responsive. The idea here is to design courses to fit the smallest screen first (mobile devices) and then move on to larger screens (desktops or laptops). This ensures your eLearning courses are fully optimized for mobile devices.

2. Mobile-Friendly Courses

These courses are adaptive, and templates are used to suit each device, giving more freedom to customize how the content is displayed. Works well when courses are accessed primarily on desktops, followed by mobiles. 

3. Mobile-Only Courses

These courses are ideal for offering learning in the form of performance support. Offering microlearning assets will be a good choice since learners will be accessing these courses at their moment-of-need.

To learn more about microlearning, click the link provided at the bottom of the page. And to know more about these different types of mobile learning courses, download our whitepaper. The infographic below will give you a simple understanding of the differences, so you know when to go for mobile learning and which type of mobile learning courses will suit which audiences. Take a look!

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