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Taking Corporate Training the Microlearning Way: A Free Webinar!

What is Microlearning a.k.a. ‘bite-sized’ learning a.k.a. ‘learning nuggets’? It’s funny that almost every synonym of microlearning has got something to do with food.  Well… the idea is to deliver small bites of information so that it can be easily absorbed by learners without having to spend too much time. As for me, I understand microlearning as a minimalistic and flexible learning approach that can be used in a variety of ways to enhance individual and organizational performance.

Micro = small and focused

Learning =  acquisition of new knowledge, skills, and attitudes

Performance = generating desired results

But why are we talking about microlearning?

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Because microlearning is becoming an increasingly popular learning approach. It is so versatile that it can fit into and supplement most other learning approaches.

  • Microlearning courses can be a part of an eLearning curriculum, serve as a standalone piece of learning to fill a specific learning gap, or provide information updates. It can be used as a digital training asset in a blended learning approach
  • Microlearning is the key for mobile learning as information delivered on small mobile screens has to be concise to work. The same is true for just-in-time learning. Microlearning + mobile learning is the best way to provide performance support.

As you can see, microlearning gels well with different methods of training and can enhance overall training effectiveness. So when the topic for our new webinar came up, we thought, “Why not Microlearning?”

That’s why the free webinar ‘Microlearning: The Complete Implementation Roadmap’ on 12th November, 2020 at 11 am IST.

Microlearning 101 for Corporate Training

What will be discussed during this webinar?

Microlearning Implementation Strategy Corporate Training: What to Expect in the Free Webinar

1. What Microlearning Is and What It Is NOT

While we usually understand the simplified definition of what a learning solution is all about, it is perhaps more important to understand what it isn’t (like despite the analogy to food, microlearning is not related to anything culinary). I mean just because microlearning is all about ‘short time’, doesn’t mean you can simply chop up an eLearning course and call each part a microlearning module. No. Microlearning also needs to be guided by proper instructional design principles, the only difference being that each microlearning course focuses on only one learning objective.

There are definitely some myths and misconceptions floating around about microlearning, and if you want to know what they are and why they are not true, register for our webinar.

2. Benefits of using Microlearning for the Organization

We have already touched upon how using microlearning can improve the learning experience for employees. But what about your stakeholders? Surely, they won’t agree to just anything without considering its advantages from an organizational perspective. So, can microlearning make a compelling case for the benefits it provides? Of courses it does. Microlearning:

  • Accelerates time to proficiency, positively impacting desired results
  • Decreases development and delivery time and costs
  • Can be easily updated, reused, and repurposed
  • Reduces employees’ time away from work
  • Saves time for employees, L&D designers and developers, SMEs, and other stakeholders

And those are not the only advantages. Join us in our webinar to know more.

3. Strategizing for a Microlearning Design Plan: “Form follows Function”

With so many ways to include microlearning in your training and so many assets to choose from, I understand why it can be confusing to choose the right microlearning solution. But worry not, we have a really useful mantra to make it easy – “Form follows Function”.

This concept, by the American architect, Louis H. Sullivan at turn of the century, proposed that “The shape of its building or project should be primarily based upon its intended function or purpose”.

Why is that relevant to training?

Well…isn’t designing and developing eLearning similar? After all, we are essentially building something (a course) to fulfill a purpose (learning goal).

This ‘form following the function’ is a very useful practical tip. When it comes to microlearning solutions, ‘form’ includes the format and the instructional design, and ‘function’ is the learning objective. And the learning objective should determine the format! How simple is that!?

If you want to know what microlearning assets you should use for which type of objectives, tune in for our webinar.

Summing it Up!

Do you think you would like to join us for the webinar and take part in the discussion on how best to implement microlearning in your training plan? And rest assured it won’t be a one-sided lecture on our part; we’ll be taking questions and answering all your queries on the topic too. So register now!

And if you want to know more about microlearning, download this eBook.

Where Does Microlearning Fit in Your Learning Strategy?