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Design and Deliver Exceptionally Effective Microlearning Using AI Tools [Webinar]

Things change and sometimes things change really fast. That’s what is happening in the learning and development industry right now. With the advent of generative AI, things are changing at the speed of light. And it has become crucial to keep up with the pulse of the industry.

AI is already bringing so many possibilities to reality. From content creation to content analysis and distribution it is able to help in every sphere of eLearning. With so much happening in the L&D industry. It’s wise that your training managers strategize the AI resource in a way that reflects in your organization’s ROI. But how will it be possible? We will tell you? All you have to do is be a part of the webinar by our expert, Howard B. Lewis, Ph.D., CPT | Chief Learning Architect, CommLab India.

Cracking the Code with Microlearning

Learning and development professionals are already cracking the code with microlearning. And why, not with its focus on bite sized content, it thrives on keeping the learner focussed, which is the most important currency of any training session.

Small chunks of information spaced out during a week in the form of ten-minute videos each, are better than a one-hour long training sessions on a weekday. The engagement will be much more and the dropout rate will go down. It also minimizes time away from work as such nuggets of information are easily digestible. By taping onto one topic at a time.

The best thing about microlearning is its capability of offering just in time training. As we know it will be much easier for your employees to pull out an infographic or watch a short video while sipping onto their coffee. And we know that studies show that we tend to forget the information in a matter of days. And in order to let the content embed into our long-term memory it requires some repetition. And the repetition of the content can be easily tailored to the rhythm of the busy schedules of your employees.

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Igniting your Content with AI

If microlearning is the popular kid on the block AI is the new kid everyone wants to be friends with. It has already made its place in the medical field and with so much of noise around it is becoming a part of the mainstream.

At present it is helping professionals automate their work, students to write research papers and executives to understand case studies. The main advantage of AI is its 24*7 availability. This is a must for a global workforce who work in different time zones. As it helps in resolving any ambiguities in a matter of seconds.

That’s the reason it is making its place in the L&D industry too. It is helping automate content creating and deployment, making the work easy. It’s secret is that it is able to analyze tonnes of data to understand the patterns of the real world. This way it is able to generate on demand content. Some AI tools which are already helping in this process are –

Tools for Idea GenerationChat GPT,, Anyword.

Prompt-to-Picture Tools– Midjourney, DALLE.E, Lensa,

Voice and Music Tools – Adobe Podcast, Cleanvoice AI,, Notevibes.

Video Creation and Editing Tools- DeepBrain AI, ModelScope, Stable Diffusion Videos,, GetMunch.

Something to be noted here is, while these tools can help one generate content it needs human intervention to make sure that the final product is appropriate for use.

It is also able to understand knowledge gaps of individuals and create content personalized to the individual. This helps the learner fill the skill gaps effectively without being overloaded by information. Such individualized personalization wouldn’t have been possible with out the intervention of such supercharged technology.

AI in Microlearning way to go and Grow

AI with microlearning will mean innovation intertwining with knowledge to shape a future of unparalleled possibilities. Synergizing the both right, can supercharge the ROI of your corporate training module.

As, AI algorithms can sift through huge amounts of information, it can easily pick up the needed information and pack it into a microlearning module. This way trainers can easily circulate such modules without wasting much time. AI tools speed up the learning process by making it easier to get the most out of the time and energy trainees have.

In conclusion, the fusion of AI tools with microlearning opens up a world efficiency, engagement, and improvement. So, what are you waiting for dive into the ai wave and be a part of the revolution. But how? Don’t worry we have you covered. All you have to do is to attend our webinar on.

Coming to the webinar.

We will explore how to:

  • Distinguish microlearning from other instructional strategies
  • Engage with stakeholders to clarify requirements
  • Identify opportunities for microlearning, including refresher and reinforcement
  • Follow a streamlined development path, including leveraging AI tools

We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting session and fostering a collaborative learning environment where we can collectively explore the limitless potential of microlearning and AI tools.

Designing High-Impact Microlearning, Leveraging AI Tools