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5 Steps Towards Successful Management of E-learning Design and Development

Designing and developing an e-learning course successfully requires a sophisticated and well-documented process. There are too many stakeholders to work with – the course owner, subject matter experts, learners and the LMS team on the one hand and the learning design team, production, technology, quality assurance, audio narrators and translators, on the other.

Here’s a quick checklist to ensure that your eLearning courses are developed smoothly:


  • Clarify stakeholder expectations regarding performance goals
  • Define the eLearning audience
  • Define learning outcomes
  • Define content scope



  • Develop the storyboards
  • Do the audio recording
  • Complete all translations
  • Lastly, produce the course

Monitoring & Control

  • Maintain regular communication with stakeholders
  • Review the work of subject matter expert and stakeholders


In the absence of a well-documented process, project management of eLearning courses can become a daunting task. What are the challenges that you face during eLearning courseware development? If you have developed your own checklists for e-learning project management, do share your experiences with us here.

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