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How to Leverage iSpring Suite for Rapid eLearning – A Beginner’s Guide

The goal of Rapid eLearning solutions is to boost the eLearning design and development lifecycle to deliver efficient eLearning solutions quickly. By leveraging the latest authoring tools, a training manager can rapidly design the most efficient eLearning courses. But with the plethora of tools available, how should training managers decide which tool to pick? iSpring Suite is a tool made to help you achieve this goal.

The evolution in learning technology led to the development of advanced eLearning authoring toolkits, revolutionizing learning, and development. iSpring Suite is one of the innovative toolkits that emerged recently and has helped several organizations improve their digital learning initiatives.

In this blog post, let us briefly look at the iSpring tool, identify the core features, and understand what makes it the perfect choice for rapid eLearning development.

How Does iSpring Facilitate Rapid eLearning?

At a time when the average span of human attention is only 8.25 seconds, training managers are diligently looking to design engaging eLearning courses that garner attention and convert it to knowledge retention in the least amount of time possible. iSpring Suite comes with features that enable training managers to optimize knowledge delivery and knowledge retention for maximizing performance.

As the authoring toolkit is based on PowerPoint, anyone who has worked on PowerPoint or in a familiar environment can work on the iSpring Suite with ease, speeding up the course creation process. Here’s a look at the most prominent features of the iSpring Suite eLearning toolkit:

1. Responsive Technology

The iSpring Suite allows the creation of responsive eLearning solutions. eLearning courses created in iSpring Suite will adapt to any screen or platform seamlessly. Be it desktops, laptops, tablets, or mobile phones. Publish PowerPoint presentations into mobile learning in just mere clicks.

2. Content Template Library

Choose from a pool of 89000+ royalty-free, ready-to-use templates, content assets, images, characters, and more to develop courses quickly. The library is organized according to themes, industry, tones, and similar categories, so you’ll be able to find suitable design components for your needs with ease. Additionally, with the wide variety of color palettes, fonts, and buttons, you can create several options for template personalization based on your branding colors, and you can customize aspects as you deem fit.

3. Conversions to SCORM

Create mobile-ready courses in minutes. Convert presentations or documents (Word, PDF) into engaging and interactive eLearning courses in just a few clicks. Don’t have a resource to convert? No worries. Use the toolkit to create a course from scratch in the same way as you would create a PowerPoint presentation.

iSpring Suite 11 - Features of the Authoring Tool

4. Interactive Assessments

Assessment Data is a critical aspect, as it allows training managers to recognize learning behaviors and patterns to customize the eLearning module accordingly. The iSpring Suite has a comprehensive design interface that is optimized for creating assessments quickly. Incorporate videos, drag-drops, MCQs, and branching questions with a flexible scoring mechanism or create customized assessments with ease.

5. Engaging eLearning Solutions

With iSpring Suite, present content to engage learners with 14 unique ready-made interactivity templates, such as timelines, glossaries, catalogs, diagrams, and more. Use role-play characters to build effortless scenario-based learning and connect with your learners on a deeper level. The options to add branching scenarios, voice-overs, locations, and visuals help training managers design a very authentic and realistic course.

→ Download Now – New Age eLearning Templates Developed in iSpring

6. Seamless Collaboration and Communication

With the online collaboration feature, it becomes seamless to collect reviews and get feedback in real time. This feature instantly simplifies and streamlines the feedback process with all the stakeholders involved. Use the iSpring Space to collect and share feedback from your team members, store courses securely, and even use it to embed courses on your preferred website.

7. Integrate Screen Recordings

Screen Recording is another interesting feature provided by the iSpring Suite. This feature allows recording, designing, and integrating instruction-based videos, video tutorials, and ‘how-tos’. The ability to quickly capture the complete screen or a specific part, and add visual hints, shortcuts, and mouse actions, makes this feature super helpful in integrating videos into the eLearning course. Additionally, the feature allows the recording of top-notch screencasts and webcam videos, with an option to add voiceovers.

eLearning Design Quote by Cathy Moore

8. Comprehensive LMS Interoperability

Courses designed in iSpring Suite can operate on any LMS that supports SCORM, xAPI, AICC, and cmi5 standards. Over 150+ popular LMSs have been found 100% compatible with courses created in iSpring.

9. Robust Text-to-Speech Voiceover

Add robust narration and professional voice-over with the Text-to-Speech feature. Use this feature to add or edit narration to a course or a video, with clear pronunciation, appropriate pauses, and intonation. Choose a voice from 300+ options, available in 42 different languages to get a perfect fit.

10. Optimize Video-based Learning

Create video lectures to enhance learners’ focus. Use the video editor to integrate video lectures within your eLearning courses with ease. Edit the videos to add relevant titles, audio, visual elements, music, and transitions, or choose to trim or merge videos based on your custom requirement.

These features make iSpring a valuable toolkit for training managers. The platform allows you to save money, time, and effort with its enhanced capabilities. Each element is designed to amplify the effectiveness of the courses designed and keep the audience’s retention levels high.

Watch a short video on using iSpring Templates for Rapid eLearning solutions:

To that end…

In a nutshell, iSpring Suite is one of the most compatible authoring toolkits for designing rapid eLearning courses. Its extensive templates, design options, and options make it a competent tool among other existing authoring tools.

Are you looking to create rapid eLearning courses that boost performance support? Make sure you consider iSpring Suite. To create engaging and personalized courses, use these New Age eLearning templates designed in iSpring.

Free New-Age Templates for Interactive eLearning