Learning Process to Determine the Architecture of Courses [Video]


This blog post shares about how to apply learning cycle in designing an effective e-learning course.

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In order to unearth the true potential of e-learning, you need to do it the right way. A good e-learning course should help the user understand the course faster and better. It should be comprehensible about what content it is offering, why it is offering and how the user can utilize it. Building an effective e-learning course lies in the hands of an instructional designer. Developing good visual effects and simulations would not be sufficient to make the course an effective one. Quality content is as important as visual appeal.

A good instructional designer would analyse the learners and design the course accordingly. Learning cycle gives a clear overview on how learning techniques should be implemented. Adhering to its standards while architecting an e-learning course would result in it being more understandable and effective to the users.

Want to know more about the learning process to determine the architecture of e-learning courses? Check out the video Learning Cycle which gives you a brief overview about the following

  • Learning cycle
  • Review
  • Learning
  • Application
  • Adaption

Access the free video here!

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