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4 Ways You Can Blend E-learning Courses with M-Learning

With the advent of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), mobile platforms such as smartphones and android phones are commonly being used by employees everywhere. This change has also resulted in the introduction of a more portable form of learning. Given this context, the question that now becomes pertinent is this: How can you meet the growing demands of your employees who are constantly on the move?

While it is hard to let go of your pre-existing e-learning courses, you always have the choice to blend them with mobile learning courses.

It is important to understand that m-learning is not a replacement to the existing training methods of your organization. There are several ways to blend e-learning with m-learning. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Multi-device eLearning

M-learning can become a part of your strategy to make e-learning accessible through multiple devices. Your employees can view the first module on their tablets, the second on their desktops and the third module on their mobile phones while traveling or waiting to board a train, that is, basically even when they are on the move. This kind of flexibility reduces the onus on the learner to complete the required training within office hours.

Multi-device eLearning

Performance Support

You can increase your employees’ performance levels by using mobile learning as a support system that allows them to access just-in-time information. For instance, you can have mobile learning modules on the following topics: quick tips to tackle a difficult customer, top ten features of the k2 laptop, and so on. Such bite-sized learning can come in handy in a situation where time is short.

Performance Support

Add-on Learning

Mobile learning can also be used to improve the competency level of employees. M-learning here is more to facilitate ongoing learning; it is to be used as a tool to communicate with employees via Podcasts. For instance, if there has been a new merger in your organization, the new CEO can talk or pass on a message to the employees through this podcast. You can also implement compliance training by using an eBook of the new policy and rules that can be viewed on their mobile phones.

Add- on Learning


A unique way to use mobile learning is to conduct a training needs’ review before you plan your curriculum. You can also conduct mini pre-tests to assess the existing standards of your employees and identify the areas in which they have to be trained in order to become more productive. You can make use of the quizzes or multiple select questions that can be easily embedded on the mobiles; or, you can go a step further and create apps or games to achieve the same end. You can also use apps and games as a form of post-course quiz.


Although these ways seem easy to implement, in reality, it is not so easy to do away with your current training methods and take on to mobile learning quickly. However, the entire aim of incorporating m-learning must be understood as a way to impart a seamless learning experience for employees who are on the move for business reasons.

What are your experiences with m-learning? Please do share.

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