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Creating a Learning Culture in Your Organization

Everyone wants to grow, wants to become better – better in their field, a better person, a better parent. How do we do that? One word, by “learning”!

But as they say – everyone likes to buy, and no one likes to be sold. Likewise, everyone likes to learn, and no one likes to be taught. As kids we did not like going to school, as adults we don’t like mandatory training programs.

Then, how do we build a learning culture in our organizations? Here are some suggestions to building a learning culture and ways to nudge people to learn.

  • Create a platform where employees can share their experiences.
  • Allow them to present their ideas in their field of expertise. Make them trainers, invite them to present in events/learning community meetings.
  • Using technology, create videos and VILT sessions (Ask the Expert sessions).
  • Nurture reading clubs where each person shares a chapter from a book. Use self-development topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Radical Candor, Being a Good Boss, The 10x Rule, etc.
  • Curate good LinkedIn Learning courses and share them with your associates.
  • Come up with newsletters to share the latest cross-organizational news and training insights. Share stories of people who made an impact.

Learning is the main prerequisite for any organization to grow, and you as a learning professional can become a champion in building this learning culture.

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