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3 Key Stages for Successful E-learning Development

We see a lot of movies, TV soaps and dramas. But, how many of us know what it takes to create an entertaining program? It is a long process with several steps involving many people. Similarly, to produce a top-notch online course, we need to follow a well-defined process. In this blog, we will look at the 3 stages in which an eLearning course is made.

Design Stage: 

This is the first stage in the creation of an online course. Here, the requirements of the client are comprehended and the inputs provided by him are analyzed. The role of an instructional designer (ID), at this stage, is to analyze the inputs and prepare a detailed outline of the content. The design stage also includes the formulation of instructional strategy for the course. After deciding on the instructional strategy is the main part of the development of course that is instructionally and visually designing that is storyboarding.

Development Stage:

After storyboarding comes the next stage, where the instructional designers with the help of visual designers (VDs) design the storyboard and make it better graphically. The next step is where the course developers start developing the course by designing pages, making interactive screens, adding audio, video and images. Here the course is made and then the last and final step comes before the submission.

Review Stage:

The last step is to review the course. At this stage, the course is reviewed by the IDs, VDs and course ware developers. At this stage, design and functionality issues, if any, are addressed.

Hope this post gives you a clear idea of how is a workflow of eLearning courses. Do share your views.

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