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Equality for Women – Are You Doing Your Bit?

An equal world is an enabled world” – and every one of us can contribute to bring about gender parity.

That’s the core message of #EachforEqual, the campaign at the centre of International Women’s Day 2020. It sheds light on the idea that gender inequality doesn’t only pertain to women, but the economy as well – as gender parity is integral to economies and societies to thrive.

Media coverage, government offices, corporate boardrooms are some of the areas of focus bought forth by the campaign. And by calling out inequality, acknowledging women’s achievements, raising our voice against gender biases, collectively we all can do our bit to make a gender equal world the reality.

How do we contribute to this revolution?

  • Strike the #EachforEqual pose to show your support and to motivate others to make International Women’s Day, every day.
  • Galvanize collective action for women’s rights all-round the year, not just today.
  • Amplify the cause through your social media handles.


Take Action!

Women’s equality is urgent!  It’s going to take everyone to take part – all the time, everywhere. A small step from your side and a big leap toward a progressive society. 

To acknowledge and give credit to women in the corporate world, here’s a small video featuring empowered women who are part of Commlab India. We are proud to have them in our organization and we won’t have it any other way! For us, every day is an International Women’s Day.

How are you showing your support to your female colleagues?

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