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3 Benefits of Gamifying Induction Training Programs [Infographic]

Employee training is very important for the organization, and delivering an effective induction training program to new employees should be its first priority. The main purpose of induction training is to integrate new employees into the company and make them understand the systems and procedures followed by the organization.

But, how to deliver good induction training? What does it take to ensure your new employees deliver their best quickly? How can you make new hire onboarding programs engaging and fun, yet effective?

Well, you need to gamify your induction training programs to offer better learning experiences.

The application of game mechanics to induction training programs makes them enjoyable and engaging and enhances the learning effectiveness.

Here is an infographic on the 3 benefits of gamifying induction training programs. Please check it out.

3 Benefits of Gamifying Induction Training Programs [Infographic]

Hope you like it.

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