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6 Tips to Design Mobile-Friendly Gamified Courses [Infographic]

Though gamification in corporate training is not a new concept, it has emerged as a winning solution in L&D with the rising popularity of mobile learning. According to a Survey By Talent LMS, gamification has helped 89% of employees feel more productive at work.

Why is this combination of mobile learning and gamification so successful? Many reasons! It enables learners to learn anytime, anywhere. It’s a great strategy to deliver continuous learning while retaining learner engagement. Also, gamified courses challenge learners to achieve higher levels of learning, while providing constructive feedback and practice opportunities that can help build knowledge and skills effectively.

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According to the survey by Talent LMS, 30% of employees preferred gamification as a learning strategy for compliance training. Quite natural, considering compliance training can get monotonous and boring, if not done right.

Short, interactive, mobile-friendly gamified courses can very effectively cater to the needs of a diverse audience, especially those who prefer learning on-the-go. Here’s an infographic that shares great tips to design mobile-friendly gamified courses.

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Gamification in Mobile Learning: 6 Useful Design Tips Not to be Missed!

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