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7 Virtual Training Strategies You NEED in 2024

Picture this: Your employees are scattered across the globe, yearning for engaging training that doesn't involve staring at a screen for hours. Enter Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT), the superhero of the remote learning world.

What Exactly is VILT in Corporate Training? [Video]

But with great power comes great responsibility (and the pressure to avoid snooze-worthy sessions!). Fear not, fellow training champions! Here are cutting-edge VILT hacks to transform your online sessions from snooze-fests to interactive epics:

7 Virtual Training Strategies You NEED in 2024

1. Level Up with Virtual Training Labs (VTLs)

Forget boring lectures – VTLs are the ultimate training playgrounds! Imagine a safe, virtual environment where your team can practice new skills, make mistakes (without real-world consequences!), and solidify their learning. VTLs are like virtual apprenticeships, allowing participants to experiment and truly own their new expertise.

2. Microlearning: Bite-Sized Knowledge Bombs

Let's face it, attention spans are shorter than ever. Ditch the lengthy lectures and embrace microlearning, the hero of bite-sized knowledge bombs. These short, focused training modules keep participants engaged and laser-focused on specific skills or concepts. They're like power-ups for the brain, leading to better retention and a more dynamic learning experience.

3. Break the Ice with Interactive Activities (No Icebreakers Required!)

Forget awkward icebreakers! Interactive activities like polls, quizzes, and breakout room discussions are the secret sauce for keeping your virtual trainees engaged. Think of them as collaborative quests – participants work together, share ideas, and solidify their understanding through active participation.

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4. Unleash the Storytelling Power of Video

Videos are the ultimate learning superheroes! Embed short, captivating videos into your VILT sessions to illustrate complex concepts, showcase real-world applications of the training material, or even introduce expert interviews. Videos add a dynamic element, breaking up the monotony and keeping your trainees hooked.

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5. Gamification: Supercharge Learning with a Dash of Fun

Gamification is like sprinkling pixie dust on your training! Incorporate game mechanics like points, badges, and leaderboards to transform learning into a rewarding adventure. A healthy dose of competition motivates participants, encourages participation, and makes achieving those learning objectives feel like winning a virtual trophy.

The Benefits of Gamification in Corporate eLearning

6. Asynchronous Learning: The Power of Deep Dives

VILT sessions are perfect for live interaction and instruction. But what about those who crave deeper dives? Provide access to pre-recorded video lectures, supplemental reading materials, or online tutorials. These asynchronous learning resources allow participants to explore specific topics at their own pace, fostering a well-rounded understanding.

Here’s an eBook (asynchronous learning resource) to guide - Scenario-Based Learning: Mastering Real-World Problem Solving

7. Continuous Feedback: Your Secret Weapon for Improvement

VILT sessions don't end with a virtual "goodbye." Gather feedback from participants through surveys, polls, or open discussions. This valuable data is your secret weapon, allowing you to refine your VILT delivery style, content structure, and overall learning experience. Think of it as continuous improvement for your training superpowers!

Wrapping Up

So, ditch the dull and embrace the thrilling! By incorporating these advanced VILT strategies, you can transform your online training into engaging, interactive experiences that empower your geographically dispersed teams to conquer any learning challenge. Remember, VILT isn't a replacement for in-person training, but a powerful tool to bridge the gaps and ensure your employees, wherever they may be, are equipped with the skills they need to thrive.

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