The ABCs of Flipped Classroom Training

The ABCs of Flipped Classroom Training

The ABCs of Flipped Classroom Training

We have been observing significant changes in corporate training over the last decade. The introduction of eLearning is the main reason behind this. Flipped classrooms have turned the traditional classroom learning process upside down. Online learning and classroom discussions can be bundled in a flipped classroom.

In today’s blog, let’s discuss the basics of flipped classroom training.

Increased Learner Engagement:

In a flipped classroom, learners are provided videos and online courses on the topic, beforehand. This ensures learners get a basic understanding of the topic prior to the classroom session, which leads to better participation in classroom discussions.

Ample Learning Opportunities:

As online resources are provided beforehand to learners, a flipped classroom provides them ample time and opportunities to analyze the topic better. Instructors will be able to conduct exercises and offer detailed explanations in the classroom. This will lead to productive discussions as learners get enough time to work on the topic.

Value Added Learning:

Employees can use the time spent in the classroom efficiently by seeking the help of the trainer and their peers to clarify their doubts. Classroom time can also be used to find solutions to common problems.

Minimized Cognitive Load:

In a traditional classroom setup, learners mostly come to the class with nil knowledge and start gaining an understanding of the subject through the trainer’s lecture. In a flipped classroom, they understand the content before coming to the class. This will allow them to understand the content at their own pace.

Conceptual Framework:

Flipped classroom allows employees to grasp the content at their own pace, with the use of technology such as videos and online courses. This will provide employees the flexibility to learn in their preferred way, providing an enriching learning experience.

These are some of the basics of flipped classroom training. Feel free to share if you wish to add to the list.

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